Music Eyz For Business

How Music Eyz Can Help Your Business

The Background

Music Eyz is one of the fastest growing independent music sites in the UK.  We average between 6-12k visits per day on the site.  Each visitor normally views on average 3-4 pages per session.  The audience is slightly biased towards female with a 53% bias.

Music Eyz is also active on the major Social Media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and the New MySpace.  This enables us to hit a community of a further 3,000 people and growing.

We now have a team of 12 writers we can call upon from across the UK and a further pool of c.30.  In addition we have recently recruited 3 presenters that have experience in TV, Radio and online.

Advertising Options

As a site we have avoided paid advertised placements, however to maintain the success we are currently achieving we know we need to invest.  As a result we are considering advertising options with organisations of our choice.  This money will be used to reward some of our regular contributors, to make charitable donations and importantly to buy new equipment as we move in to new channels such as video.

If you are interested in advertising on Music Eyz or via our Social Media presence please use the contact option in the header of the site.

We will consider the following options for inclusion on the site:

Banner placements

Full page advertorial

Video Placements

Sponsored Tweet

Sponsored Facebook Status


Twitter takeover


Please note, all placements will be at our discretion and we  will maintain our independence in terms of copy, tone and creative direction.  Our intention is to keep the site clear of any influence from commercial factors, however third parties that are willing to work with us in sympathetically to our goals are welcome to engage with us.

Content Syndication

Any business who knows digital knows in today’s emerging world, content is king.  Google has even changed its algorithms to encourage community and content on sites.  With this in mind Music Eyz has developed a new service that we provide to businesses.

We call this content syndication.  Our content syndication service is offered in two ways.

1 Sending you an agreed number of articles that have already been written and placed live on Music Eyz.

2. Preparing an agreed number of articles or pieces of content that have been created bespoke to your brief, needs and objectives.

Both will allow your business to build up content at a much greater rate than most organisations can facilitate with an internal team and at a much more cost effective route than the budgets need for most agencies or PRs to write content for your site.

Partnership Opportunities

Music Eyz was founded on a base of great content and strong understanding of digital channels.  That is why we have managed to gain the momentum and success at the relatively fast rate.  We are now in a position to offer this to companies of any size and with any volume expectations.  Obviously the budget required will be reflective on the brief given.

To gain a full understanding of your objectives, company direction and needs we will need to have a detailed conversation and agree the brief.  Here are a few examples of the kind of things we can do to help your business:

  • Management of your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, MySpace, Tumblr etc)
  • Design, creation and management of a blogging platform similar to our very own site
  • Production of content to maintain a buzz around your community
  • Design, creation and management of a forum to encourage interaction and engagement with your brand
  • Sourcing of talent whether in music, showbiz or sports among others to appear on your platforms and to associate with your brand
  • Production of video to any production values to give standout for your brand
  • Design, management and collation of crowd-sourcing ideas and execution for your brand
  • Seeding of concepts to maximise the viral potential

Our Founder and Editor is Richard Clark, who is a recognised industry expert in digital marketing and management.  He has won awards for creativity, innovation and social media.  He has also created and driven social media and engagement strategies for the likes of Best Buy, Manchester United Football Club, Ultimo, CarphoneWarehouse and Ted Baker.  He has also spoken at many industry events and possesses an impressive network of contacts.

With this expertise we can create and manage entire strategies and campaigns to ensure your brand gets maximum cut-through in very noisy markets.

If you have a need you would like to discuss, either at the advertising end, content or partnership mail us an idea of your brief and budget.  We will get back to you with an expectation of timings and when you can expect a full proposal.


4 thoughts on “Music Eyz For Business

  1. Hi guys. I work for ROEYE. We’re an affiliate and advertising agency and was interested in working with you. Maybe I’m being blind but can’t seem to find an email address to contact you on? Can you help?

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