Meet The Team – Tina Robinson

Meet The Team – Tina Robinson

Tina Robinson Music Eyz

Tina Robinson Music Eyz

Name: Tina Robinson

Nickname: T, Teen

Location: Birmingham

Job: Presenter


Favourite Genre(s) of music: Don’t like to be pigeon holed – open minded when it comes to my music

First single boughtWham – Last Christmas

Favourite ever album bought: Wham – make it big – I was in love with George Michael

First gig you went to: INXS an amazing performance by the forever sexy late Michael Hutchence

If you could be in any group or collaborate with anybody in music who would it be and why? John Cusack

Favourite sport: Extreme or contact sport

Favourite TV show: American Horror Story on FX

Interesting factI share the same birth date as Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Most famous person you know: Does holding John Malcovich’s hand for 5 minutes count whilst having a conversation

Quote that sums you up: “What mischief have you got up-to lately young lady”



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