Meet The Team – Dan Slater

Meet The Team – Dan Slater

Name: Dan Slater
Nickname: Slates
Location: Milton Keynes
Job: In real life, Online Marketeer. In my head, King of the World!
Twitter: @phatslates
Pinterest: Haha, give over! I’m not putting pictures of curtains online!
Music Eyz Writer Dan Slater

Music Eyz Writer Dan Slater

Number One of the day you were born: The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Favourite Genre(s) of music: Rap, R&B, Soul, Trap, anything with a beat and some bass.
Favourite music artist: Jay-Z, Ludacris, Saigon, Biggie, Jeezy, Childish Gambino, too many to name!
First single bought: Craig McLachlan – Hey Mona.
Favourite ever album bought: Richard Blackwood’s “You’ll Love to Hate This”.
First gig you went to: Blur at the NEC, on their Great Escape tour in 96. Went with my cousin, mum & sister!
If you could be in any group or collaborate with anybody in music who would it be and why?: Jay-Z, I want to see the creative process happen in-front of me. He feels the beat, he creates the lyrics on the spot. Genius.
Favourite sport: Football and professional wrestling (It’s not fake, it’s scripted, there’s a difference!).
Favourite TV show: Arrested Development.
Favourite actor: Leslie Nielsen. Greatest comedic actor of all time.
Claim to fame: Uh, once played celebrity chef Gary Rhodes at Sega Rally? I lost.
Interesting fact: Used to have a 3 legged cat. She’s dead now. Thanks for bring that up! Oh, and I met Ja Rule queueing for a pizza at Heathrow once.
Most famous person you know: Uh, probably Jamie Burland, professional poker player. He won the 2010 UKIPT Brighton Champion, picking up £65k!
Quote that sums you up: I don’t like hip hop, I like pizza. I live hip hop, bitch, I AM HIP HOP! Give me hip hop, or give me death (Katt Williams at the 2006 Hip Hop Awards).

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