Meet The Team: Bally Athwal

Meet The Team – Bally Athwal

I’m Bally, a teenager who loves music. It may be a cliche and sure every teen likes music but to me music surrounds us and is one of the many things that make the world go round. My taste in music is versatile; anything from alternative acoustic sets, to any sort of urban music such as Hip-Hop, to well produced dance-pop tracks which have an edge to them are fundamental in any of my playlists.

Discovering new music and talent is also another great aspect. Seeing an artist you’ve followed for a while grow and expand into something really big is always exciting, as you feel pretty good when you actually realise that you’ve talked about ‘the next big thing’ before they exploded into a mainstream crowd and they end up making better music which is always positive. Music is the one form of media that anyone can’t live without, who knows what anything would be like without it?

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