Meet The Team – Abbie Lennard

Meet the Team – Abbie Lennard

Meet the Team - Abbie Lennard

Meet the Team – Abbie Lennard

Name: Abi Parker (Abbie Lennard)
Nickname: Parker
Location: London
Job: Medicine Technician/Charity Owner
Twitter: MissAbiParker
Facebook: Abi Parker ( That Parker Girl)
Pinterest: Don’t have it. Instagram – itsthatparkergirl
Number One on the Day You Were Born: Only Way Is Up by Yazz & The Plastic Population
Favourite Genre of music: Reggae
Favourite music artist: Michael Jackson
First single bought: Spice Girls
Favourite ever album bought: Christina Aguilera – Stripped
First gig you went to: Pop Idol Tour (The Shame!)
If you could be in any group or collaborate with anybody in music who would it be and why? Michael Jackson, to collaborate with a legend of that extent.. Wow.
Favourite sport: Football
Favourite TV show: Friends
Favourite actor: Tom Hardy
Claim to fame: Don’t have one 😦
Interesting fact: I’m allergic to the cold, strawberries. And I don’t eat the middles of a cucumber!
Most famous person you know: Lee Ryan?
Quote that sums you up: “I’m not the kind of girl that can wear white and not spill on it”

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