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The site is now and will always be free to access.  Feel free to read, share and distribute as you like.  If you do share or use the content, please reference us in the article and put a link back to (preferably using the text Music News).

We want contributors, writers, opinion formers, people in the industry, videographers and photographers to join the MusicEyz team.  The contributors of all disciplines will be what makes the site what it is.

What type of person?

People from all walks of life and with tastes in all different types of music, no matter how far off the beaten path it seems.  We don’t care how good your written English is, as long as you have an opinion that you think people will want to read. Or some expertise that may prove helpful to others (e.g. ability to give tips on how to scratch mix) or industry contacts that gives you access to talent.

Why Join?

We will aim to help you get involved in music. As the site gets more established we aim is to get even more invitations to music events up and down the country. Gain access to the faces in music and above all do good.

Whilst we aren’t promising the site will ever make a profit, that’s not our objective.  If we do, we will give a minimum of 20% of that profit to charity. Secondly, anybody that was on the list of original regular contributors (yet to be selected) will share the rest.  So you could end up making a bit of money from one of your interests.

Surely that is exciting.

Can everybody do it?

We welcome input from absolutely anybody.  This site needs to have a buzz to make it readable.  However we will select a panel of writers over the next few months to be regular contributors.  Hopefully that panel will help the site develop with their talent and help promote due to their interest in making things work.

We hope to see content from lots of you soon.


All of our roles are currently on a voluntary basis, meaning they are unpaid.  However they are great for those wishing to start a career in music or wishing to break in to journalism or broadcast media.  We also get some good stuff in terms of singles, albums and gigs.  Obviously we get interview opportunities as well.  For our part we offer a great platform for you to build a profile or portfolio.

Dance Music Editor – You must be passionate about all forms of dance music and know your hard house from your banging house.  Experience is not essential but would be an advantage.  We would like you to keep an eye on whats going on in the genre and guide what and how we cover the music.  Contacts would be a bonus.

Pop Music Editor – A real love for pop music and a desire to get your views across in the most talked about genre.  This isn’t an easy one though.  You must cover everything from cheesy pop (think Steps and Abba) through to contemporary chart music such as One Direction and Little Mix.  You will know enough about music to help shape what we do, how we promote it and who we should be speaking to.

Rock Music Editor – You will probably know how to wield the axe yourself or live and breath the scene.  This is one of the easiest genres to mess up as rock music fans know their stuff.  We need a confident, credible person to lead the rock genre for Music Eyz and bring it to the fore of our content.

Writers – We are looking for writers in all genres across all locations.  We need national coverage in the UK and of course overseas, particularly in USA, Australia and holiday music scenes such as Ibiza.

Social Media Manager – One of the foundations of our success is the way we use social media.  We have established profile on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and new MySpace.  We need somebody to manage these profiles above and beyond posting our updates.  We need somebody that loves social, is probably the owner of a successful profile and/or has managed other profiles in the past.  We want our social media profiles to be hubs of activity creating engagement and interest.

Communities Manager – Music Eyz is going to be settung up a forum in the near future.  We need somebody to manage that community, moderate posts and help kick-off conversations.  The person in this role will also know how to run a forum and create sections that will spark debate.

Video Producers – Obviously video is becoming increasingly important to most digital businesses.  We are no different.  We need some people that want to get their work seen.  You need to own your own equipment and be able to film, edit and produce your own content.

Presenters – We are always looking for fun and vibrant presenters with a passion for music.  Our presenter roles are perfect for those starting out or wishing to move in to music.  For our part we have great contacts and can get you in front of people to interview in music and raise your profile with broadcasters in the shape of ITV and BBC among others.

If you are interested in any of our roles, make contact via the contact button at the top of the page.



16 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. Came to your site via twitter. Middle aged drummer, passionate about music but equally passionate about the written word. If my contributions would be of any use to you, I would love to get involved!

  2. Stumbled across your review of Dot Rotten – Overload, thought it was extremely well written and an interesting piece, I would really like to get involved. I’m an 18 year old music technology student with a passion for music of all genres looking for my place in the industry.

  3. Hi, I am Jon, a 22 year old Audio Engineering Student and Songwriter.
    I followed this post through from LinkedIn. I am an experienced guitarist and I have experience of contributing in the past. Predominantly I have written rock album and gig reviews, but I am eager to prove myself elsewhere if need be whether it be articles on equipment to articles regarding the industry as a whole. I also have an interest in presenting although I haven’t done that before. Thanks

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