Introducing Maad

Introducing Maad

Introducing Maad

Introducing Maad

Maad is a model, DJ, actress and close member of the Jenner and Jordyn Woods clique.  She has modelled for the likes of L’Oreal and Seventeen as well as writing alongside the likes of Claude Kelly Maad looks destined for big things.

The NYC based artist has friends in high places that must surely help and counts Jordyn Woods as her best mate and is tight with the likes of Kylie Jenner.  Her single Black Ice is a catchy RnB style joint which utilises elements of technology to bring extra effect to the production.

Maad is set for a 2016 album release, so lets wait and see what 2016 and 2017 brings for her.  In the meantime, take a listen to Black Ice and let us know what you think



Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross (Review)

Review of Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross

Now one could be forgiven for thinking that this was an elaborate means to getting a free car from a certain Italian supercar manufacturer.  But lets be honest, its not like Skrillex or Rick Ross are short of a few bob.

Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex and Rick Ross

Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex and Rick Ross



This isn’t the first time Skrillex has done a crossover track with a leading Hip Hop name.  This time out Skrillex borrows one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary hip hop to deliver some powerful rap lyrics.  Rick Ross only knows one way to deliver a rhyme and that is hard.  He could probably make Humpty Dumpty sound like a disaster movie.

Skrillex adds his usual industrial sound to the joint, proving his versatility with this release.  The two of them work ridiculously well together and Purple Lamborghini gets better with every listen.  Almost as a good a sound as a real Lambo.

Purple Lamborghini does sound like it belongs on the soundtrack to a blockbuster film (which of course it is – Suicide Squad), but I will settle for it playing on my sound system in my new Lamborghini that the manufacturer will obviously give me after this review (one can dream!!!)

False Alarm by Matoma & Becky Hill (Review)

Review of False Alarm by Matoma & Becky Hill

False Alarm is a mesmerising track from Matoma’s album Hakuna Matoma.  Some ear defying electronic sounds have been conjured up together to create a single that builds through various stages of your listening capabilities, from a Major Lazor style high pitched electronic sound to cut back elements that show off the brilliant vocals.

False Alarm by Matoma and Becky Hill

False Alarm by Matoma and Becky Hill

Matoma shows off his undoubted ability on False Alarm, which is a good indication of where the album is going.  Add to that the stunning vocals from Becky Hill and the track feels like a complete mainstream hit, but one that challenges the listener.

Becky Hill really needs to make the breakthrough as she has amazing ability that deserves commercial recognition.  False Alarm is just another fine example.

Scars on My Feet by Stephen Marley ft Waka Flocka (Review)

Review of Scars on My Feet by Stephen Marley ft Waka Flocka

Scars on my Feet is the first single from Stephen Marley‘s album Revelation Pt II – The Fruit of Life.  The single partners Stephen Marley (son of reggae legend Bob Marley) with rapper Waka Flocka.

Stephen Marley Scars on My Feet

Stephen Marley Scars on My Feet

Scars on my Feet utilises both artists and their genres to make a classic sounding reggae/hip hop crossover.  Stephen Marley has his great flow in full abundance and when mirrored by Waka Flocka‘s slightly more aggressive tones you have a great blend.

From the very start when the tribal drums kick off the track, Marley’s vocals cut through and you know something special is about to happen.  The video, as you would expect contains some political undertones and Waka Flocka adds some of his nostalgic Hip Hop lessons in.

The cynic may feel that the two are great independently but the two rarely merge to tell a joint story.  Now whether that is true or not means little to me.  Scars on my Feet is a great track using simple beats, great drums and mystical tones from Marley.

Stephen Marley if Scars on my Feet is anything to go by, I will need to get the Revelation Pt II album (which incidentally is number one in the Billboard Reggae Charts)

For All We Know by Nao (Album Review)

Review of Nao’s new album For All We Know

London is obviously back on its pedestal in the heights of global music, largely helped by grime and in particular a South London vibe setting both the UK and the world alight.  However, Nao, is from a different part of the smoke and she is flying the flag for East London.

Review of new Nao album

Review of new Nao album

The 28 year old former music teacher and jazz music student has had some of the most talked about singles in music critic circles and has raised supporters on the likes of Radio One and 1Xtra.  The best example of Nao’s quality is on the huge single Bad Blood.  An shows off her stunning, yet understated vocal prowess and matches it with a massive beat that feels nothing short of stunning.  Other single Girlfriend shows a slightly different side to Nao and offers softer vocals that still deliver a punch.

If you haven’t been touched by Nao through her singles, then firstly, where have you been? But secondly the album is worth exploring just for those alone.  However, the album is more than just the two singles and Nao exposes why she is our current leader in the “future RnB” sector.

The album has a good mix of experimental sounds, thick beats and lovely vocals from Nao.  Each track seems to show a slightly different nuance to her ability as a performer and yes, whilst some tracks are stronger than others, each serves a purpose and there are definitely no stinkers.

If you like your RnB filled with electronica or prefer a more synthesised EDM style a la Ellie Goulding that seems to have shaped female vocalists over the past few years this isn’t for you.  There are more nods to 90s RnB through the likes of Adore You.  There are experimental and slightly electronic sounds in The Jungle co-produced Get To Know Ya which utilises a great distort effect on a filthy beat.

The brightest element of For All We Know in my opinion (unless I missed it), is the complete absence of auto-tuning.  An prefers to strip it right back and let you judge her on her vocal and then decide if you like the production, a genuine artists.

For All We Know is a great debut album from Nao and offers fans of her singles a great opportunity to hear what she is all about.  For new fans there is a large enough variety and bangers alike to make this a great introduction to Nao, who could be quite a big deal across the globe.

Whatever Happened to… Hear’Say

Whatever Happened to… Hear’Say

Back in 2001 a show called PopStars was created.  Largely considered a fore runner of the current talent shows, PopStars was filmed more as a documentary about how the industry can manufacture bands.  It had a cast of ‘expert’ judges and no public vote.  The show created band of the moment Hear’Say.

Product of Pop Stars Hear'Say back in 2001

Product of Pop Stars Hear’Say back in 2001

Some 15 years later though, whatever happened to Hear’Say?  Some are still very much in the public eye, whilst our younger readers will be forgiven for not knowing some of them.  We take a look at the band and where they are now.

Danny Foster

Danny Foster "auditioning" for Hear'Say in 2001

Danny Foster “auditioning” for Hear’Say in 2001

Former cleaner Danny Foster has had a mixed life following the international success of Hear’Say.  The singer now fronts his own soul band, but also admits that he has had it rough since the dismantling of the group, including a dark time in his life when he hit the bottle, he also is a well documented survivor of a Vauxhall Zafira fire.  He has been in a number of reality shows including The Games and unsuccessfully auditioned for The Voice.

Danny Foster The Big Soul Corporation in 2016

Danny Foster The Big Soul Corporation in 2016

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

So Myleene Klass has been VERY busy since Hear’Say called it a day.  Partnering with company after company to front ad campaigns including M&S and Littlewoods.  A baby range with Mothercare she has certainly made her money in fact she is worth an estimated £11m. Not bad for a classically trained pianist who was part of a TV experiment.  Myleene has also done her share of TV work including Loose Women and BBQ Champ.

Myleene Klass who hosts BBQ Champ

Myleene Klass who hosts BBQ Champ

Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw on Popstars

Suzanne Shaw on Popstars

Suzanne has been relatively quiet for a few years now.  Now engaged following a couple of failed relationships with fellow celebs Darren Day and JK for JK and Joel, Suzanne is also finding her way in musicals.  Since the split, Suzanne has appeared in Holby City and Emmerdale and also auditioned for a part in Corrie.  Like many others she has also appeared in a number of reality shows including Dancing on Ice in 2008.

Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw

Noel Sullivan

Noel Sullivan in Hear'Say

Noel Sullivan in Hear’Say

Cardiff choir boy Noel Sullivan loved life as part of one of the highest selling bands of the time. However he was never really Mr Pop.  Ever since the band disbanded Noel has been treading the boards in a variety of musical, mainly in the West End.  Everything from Grease to Priscilla, Noel is currently touring with as Freddy in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Noel did have some spells on the TV with Channel Five’s Trust Me – I’m A Holiday Rep and also in a cameo role on Gavin and Stacey.


Famously when asked if he would be part of a Hear’Say reunion, Noel replied

“I would rather cut my own leg off”

Noel Sullivan of Hear'Say now starring in hit musicals

Noel Sullivan of Hear’Say now starring in hit musicals

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh on Popstars

Kym Marsh on Popstars

So mum of three Kym Marsh is probably the most recognisable of the former Hear’Say gang, largely thanks to her role as Michelle Connor on UK soap Corrie for the last decade (since 2006).  She has won no fewer than seven awards for her acting.  She also previously had roles on Hollyoaks and Doctors.  Aside from her success in acting, she was probably also the most successful in music terms post breakup.  Her debut solo single Cry reached number two in the charts and her album Standing Tall peaked at number nine.

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh


Johnny Shentall

Johnny Shentall replaced Kym Marsh

Johnny Shentall replaced Kym Marsh

Johnny Shentall was hardly a good luck charm for the band. No sooner had he joined to replace Kym Marsh after she quit the group than they disbanded.  His success with Hear’Say was probably as long as it was with previous band Boom!

And just in case you forgot, here is their massive hit – Pure and Simple by Hear’Say




My Top 5 – Katie London

My Top 5 – Katie London

We have been away for a while, but we thought we would welcome you back with a catch up with London-based American loving singer, songwriter and general music lover – Katie London. She also has her own clothing and lipstick products find out more at KatieLondon

So stepping away from her music and business career, Katie tells us her Top 5 tracks.

My Top 5 by Katie London

My Top 5 by Katie London

Kehlani – You Should Be Here

Love this song because the lyrics are so simple yet mean so much.  The production of the song and her vocal is amazing! Could literally listen to this all day!

Ambrose – Selfish

Met Ambrose when I was last in Miami and this is his latest single, got such a chilled vibe something I listen to when I want to relax after a day in the studio!

Iggy – Team

Team by Iggy Azalea

Team by Iggy Azalea

Love this song I blast it when I’m working out!


Zayn – Pillow Talk

This song reminds me of Miami driving down the I95 in a drop top Mustang trying to keep my hat on after a few shots of tequila singing this song at the top of our lungs!

Jessie J – You Don’t Really Know Me

Jessie J

Jessie J

Feel like I get to know her through this song its just so raw and emotional. One of my favourite acoustic records of all time!

My City In Music – London

My City in Music – London

If you come to London you can probably find any genre you like, but the loudest in the City are your electro-house or your rap and grime. All eluding grit, attitude and high energy. Sound like London to you?

London Scene

London Scene

But just like music, London is made of different parts, and all have their own soul.

If you walked the streets of East London, Dalston and Old Street you could find the booming sounds of House and Techno DJ’s playing all night long, to the kids with bubblegum hair and exquisitely shaped moustaches. You can find this music anywhere but this area seems to have the most ideal venues. – Dark, underground caves glittered with out of this world fashion, scary looking smiles and dancing bodies. Some names to know are London based Dj’s, Ben Ufo, Call Super and Bradley Zero – (well known for hosting the boiler room).

DJ Bradley Zero

DJ Bradley Zero

Please check this out… its chillingly epic. *(this set has a long intro, which is in my opinion is the calm before the storm)

A brilliant example of this art form lulling a listener into a peaceful state before charging up, giving out mountainous vibrations and bringing the listener to it’s peak of alertness. what an interesting and powerful influence music can have on our bodies and minds!? how does it make you feel?)

I think one of the main reasons dance music is so popular in London is our dance culture. Raving runs through the veins of many Londoners and I for one salute it. I love that there are venues in London that people go to just to hear the music, just to dance. — don’t fix your make up because you will sweat it off anyway. Don’t try and talk to me because I won’t be able to hear. Just the occasional grin from you to me agreeing that this song is blowing my mind.

Check out… Route 94 who is a well known producer and DJ. I think he has a talent for creating music that can be listened to by anyone, whether you know or appreciate House. His music is very upbeat, energising and has quicker build ups and drops, which might be easier on the ears for most people.

Route 94

Route 94

So… lets change it up. Let me introduce you to South London. The rhythm of the south is little faster, nastier, harsher. Ok, I’m not gonna try and rap for you, but at least you can guess what genre I’m going to talking about. South London is my home town, and a place called by any outsiders the ’dirty South’. Although no, Im not a fan of the name, I think we get this name as our accent is a little.. different? Well, listen to this and you will understand.

Novelist, an MC and producer from Brockley, SE, shines out on the grime scene through his raw talent and honourable attitude. His lyrics in ‘take time’ are a great influence to a younger generation, ‘I take time and think’ lets you know that this song is about questioning what you do. He’s having a light hearted laugh about the guys who waste their money on drugs and girls, and keeps himself to what he does best, producing music with his crew ’The Square’, who he often refers to.

Here are some South London artists to know… Stormzy, Rapman, Section Boys and J Gang.



South London can’t take the credit though for grime. – In fact Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Kano all grew up in East. These artists have all helped grime rise to fame over the last decade. But what sparked this? Is there a link between the rise in grime and our London culture? With the incline of social media and technology, the pace of life had soared. We expect things faster. Our minds run faster. Doesn’t this remind you of the fast tempo of grime? As our minds rush increasingly do we want our music to match this? And what will be next for grime or rap as technology evolves?

Before I move on from the grime and rap scene I want to mention a fearless lady, Little Simz. She has lyrics that will slice through your mind and shatter your thought process. If anyone can make you rethink things its her. Her debut album questions the influence of fame and money, something Londoners are (poisoned?) from daily. Whether we want to or not, we have constant in your face reminders of luxury cars, apartments, beauty and fame. It would seem hard not to become a magpie.

Take a minute to listen to her song ’dead body’… from the concept album A Curious Tale of Trials & Persons.

Little Simz is a fierce contestant in the female rap world and UK rap world and up there with some of my favourite US rappers Tink, (I love you Tink!!!) Angel Haze and Azealia Banks.

So I’ve given you a small low down of the most popular Music I think London generates. But if you come to this City you can find what ever your ears desire. Im going to take you to Camden. (North) – an area known for its gothic and rock culture, but sweetened with (cherry) drops of 1950’s pin up look a likes, swing dancing in bars to modern blues and jazz bands. Its certainly the area for live music and for anyone to fully express themselves. It’s even on the street! as you will never pass the station without a busker or DJ or dancer.

Amy WInehouse - Camden's Finest

Amy Winehouse – Camden’s Finest

It’s also well known for being the home of the late Amy Winehouse, and can we say one of the best song writers ever! If you loved Amy check out these London artists, injecting jazz, hip hop and neo-soul into the music scene; Jamie Woon, Marsha Ambrosius (one from the duo – Floetry) and Andreya Triana.

So we are left with West London.. How does the heat beat of this area sound? Well, actually I don’t know. I’ve lived in London my whole life and never been there… so what does this mysterious corner of England’s capital contain? Are you from West? Maybe you can leave a comment and let me know?

So, to round up what can be said about my City in Music? Well just like it’s people, it’s music scene has immense diversity. From classical sounds heard swirling from Chelsea ballet dancers doors to sounds from the Streets of Brixton forever owning their area. But unity is found in these noisy streets as we all just love music!

By Rosa Lewandowski

Stop Where You Are by Corinne Bailey Rae (Review)

Review of Stop Where You Are by Corinne Bailey Rae

For those of you that don’t know, Corinne Bailey Rae is a UK born soul artist.  She has always been celebrated by critics but seems to lack the ability to create momentum to take advantage of her talent and become a household name.

Stop Where You Are by Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae

She first emerged on the scene a decade ago with her debut and self titled album.  The reaction was immense and she was named number one predicted breakthrough artist on Sound of 2006.  That debut album made Corinne Bailey Rae only the fourth British female artist to debut with her first album at number one.  The nominations and awards followed Grammys, Brits and MOBOs.

Her second album The Sea, released some three years later and again gained the plaudits with more including Grammys and a Mercury Prize nomination.  These two albums sold over 5m copies.

The Heart Speaks in Whispers, Corinne Bailey Rae‘s, third studio album is due for a May release.  The latest single from the album, Stop Where You Are, represents everything that Corinne Bailey Rae stands for.  The vocals are full of soul.  The music has varying levels that are in the main smooth and laid back soul vibes that have interludes of louder guitar when the chorus kicks in.

Stop Where You Are is classic Corinne Bailey Rae and classic UK soul/RnB.  You really need to listen and prepare yourself for the release of the album, which is sure to set the industry on fire again.

Got This Covered – Whinnie Williams Covers Love on the Brain

Got This Covered – Whinnie Williams Covers Rihanna’s Love on the Brain

Whinnie Williams Covers Rihanna Love on the Brain

Whinnie Williams Covers Rihanna

It takes a brave performer to cover a Rihanna track, an even braver one to take on one of Rihanna’s big tracks.  Well Whinnie Williams not only covered it, but she nailed it.  Stripping it back to an almost acapella level, Love on the Brain sounds like a genuine passionate love song that is being sung to a lover.

Personally, I love this by Whinnie Williams and she demonstrates why she should be massive!!!