About Music Eyz

Music Eyz is a new type of music website.  It combines the passion of a music blog with the content and professionalism of a mainstream media publication.  We pride ourselves on producing great content on both new and established artists.

We set up the site as we were becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of credible and unbiased sources sources of music news, interviews and reviews.  The likes of NME and the majority of blogs don’t just cut it.  We won’t just copy and paste a PRs or labels press releases and put it on the site.  We won’t just place a video on the site without any view or opinion and we won’t be swayed by commercial interests or associations.

You are as likely to read about established artists such as Eminem or Robbie Williams as you are the latest up and coming acts.  Our views are straightforward, we will feature and promote great music.  We will not slate new music for the sake of it.  We believe new artists need a chance, we are more likely not to cover it than slate new music.

It is this philosophy that we believe has helped us to become the fastest growing independent music website in the UK.  We average between 6-12k visitors per day and peaked at 20,000.  We have generated this interest through producing content that people want to read, hear or see.  We also use all the major Social Media channels as well as using on-site techniques to help our site get found in Google.  We haven’t spent a penny on advertising or PR.

Music Eyz is a relatively new site written by fans and enthusiasts. We cover all genres of music from Pop and Rock to underground Hip Hop and Thrash Metal. We even cover musicals from time to time. To do this we need fans of each genre.

What we aren’t – We aren’t NME. Nobody here is claiming to be a music expert or in a position to present up to the minute music news.  This site is aiming to provide an interesting perspective on music, a fans point of view. We will write opinion pieces, useful information, guides and over time include some interviews and events coverage.

We are looking for volunteer contributors to help make the site possible. So if you’re in to your music visit the Join page for more info.

We hope you enjoy the site.  Happy reading! If you enjoy it, then maybe get involved.

Obviously if you look after an act or run an event either new or established let us know and we will see if we can cover it.  We are also willing to carry advertising or run competitions that we believe are relevant to our audience. We will not chase the money and compromise the site or editorial values.

So let us know and we can have a chat.



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