My Top 5 – Katie London

My Top 5 – Katie London

We have been away for a while, but we thought we would welcome you back with a catch up with London-based American loving singer, songwriter and general music lover – Katie London. She also has her own clothing and lipstick products find out more at KatieLondon

So stepping away from her music and business career, Katie tells us her Top 5 tracks.

My Top 5 by Katie London

My Top 5 by Katie London

Kehlani – You Should Be Here

Love this song because the lyrics are so simple yet mean so much.  The production of the song and her vocal is amazing! Could literally listen to this all day!

Ambrose – Selfish

Met Ambrose when I was last in Miami and this is his latest single, got such a chilled vibe something I listen to when I want to relax after a day in the studio!

Iggy – Team

Team by Iggy Azalea

Team by Iggy Azalea

Love this song I blast it when I’m working out!


Zayn – Pillow Talk

This song reminds me of Miami driving down the I95 in a drop top Mustang trying to keep my hat on after a few shots of tequila singing this song at the top of our lungs!

Jessie J – You Don’t Really Know Me

Jessie J

Jessie J

Feel like I get to know her through this song its just so raw and emotional. One of my favourite acoustic records of all time!


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