My Top 5 – Jamz Supernova

My Top 5 – Jamz Supernova

Top 5 with Jamz Supernova

Top 5 with Jamz Supernova

Radio 1Xtra DJ Jamz Supernova took some time out from her show and generally discovering great new music to speak to Music Eyz.  She has some great choices, let us know what you think.
BONZAI – No Rest

There is no artist like Bonzai out right now!!! She’s so exciting fusing rave music with noughties R&B. She looks great & is amazing on stage!! This song sounds so good out loud!! Watch out for her!!

Tunji popped on my radar this year!!! He’s a rapper from Philly who consistently drops amazing records. I could play a new Tunji track every week on my show. I’m excited to see where this project goes!!
Tunji Ige

Tunji Ige

ANOHNI – Drone Bomb Me

I only came across Anohni late last year as she’s been working with Hudson Mohawke. This record had me in tears it’s told from the perspective of a young girl Afghanistan who’s lost her family to Drone Bombs. The video is cool as well and features Naomi Campbell.

Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 8

This whole project caught everyone of guard! But what a lovely surprise. Kendrick is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists of our time!! It’s more then music it’s art!! This record also features SZA who I love!! It’s quiet a trippy headphone listen!!

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

R.O.M – Free As A Bird

It’s been so exciting to watch an artist like R.O.M grow & develop. He’s a 19 year Old producer from Birmingham. He’s been grinding away on Soundcloud for a while now. Its finally paid off he’s just dropped a White Label with Soulection. I think he has the potential to be massive!! This record just shows his musical sensibility so many layers!!!


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