Tragedy at Manchester Academy (Gig Review)

Review of Tragedy Gig at Manchester Academy

There are many things missing from my life…a nice car, a pay rise, a house deposit, the ability to eat a KFC share bucket all to myself without the impending feeling of shame which soon follows… These are just some of the missing puzzle pieces that will ultimately help to complete me – I know this. However, I didn’t know that I would discover one of those pieces last Saturday night in the basement of Manchester Academy…a puzzle piece in the shape of spangly, guitar shredding, glorious hair whipping heavy metal disco rock. Alas, we have found each other and now I am here to spread the word to the rest of you empty souls.

Tragedy Gig at Manchester Academy

Tragedy Gig at Manchester Academy

For such a musical reawakening we must thank none other than Tragedy, a group of obvious musical geniuses from just across the pond. For near a decade now they’ve been thrilling their loyal fanbase with their hard rocking adaptations of blasts from the past in the most magnificent way. This is not your run of the mill tribute band.


From the very second they burst onstage in a cloud of makeup and glitter it was obvious we were in for one hell of a show. Their energy and excitement was infectious, and right from their first track (their infamous cover of Bee Gees‘ classic hit ‘Tragedy’) they had the crowd in high spirits, singing and dancing and leaving the cares of the present world behind.


The crowd mostly consisted of 30-50 year olds, those who were around when these gems from the past were in their prime. It was obvious they were eager to enjoy what would have once been a guilty pleasure now more suited to tattoos, studded belts and whiskey. They sang their hearts out, danced, drank and grinned their way through Tragedy’s whole set – which was fantastic to see!


On stage the band played hard and they played well, keeping the familiar essence of each track whilst turning it into something completely new. Their set consisted of well known 70’s and 80’s hits including Tragedy, Sweet Caroline and Grease (Is The Word)…just a few of my favourites. They encouraged the audience to dance and laugh along with them as they joked around, made fun of each other and told hilarious anecdotes.


The one word that stands out when trying to describe the vibe at this show is fun. It’s just so much fun! You really can’t help but smile as you shamelessly belt out the chorus to your favourite guilty pleasure before you and your crowd mates headbang through solos hip pop through verses. I’d challenge anyone not to walk out of a Tragedy show grinning like an idiot.


Though disco classics are clearly their forte, I’m happy for Tragedy to work their way up through the decades and giving tracks the Tragedy treatment – as long as it keeps them around for a very long time to come.


Currently finishing off their 16 shows in 16 days tours, Tragedy hope to release a new album of covers carnage later this year. Keep tabs on Music Eyz for the exclusive Tragedy interview coming soon!

Review by Hev Bailey


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