Snapchat Top Music Peeps

Snapchat – Top Music Peeps

As the Music Eyz audience is relatively discerning bunch, after all you are wise enough to visit us (joke), you all know about Snapchat.  So much so that some of you can probably teach us a thing or two.  However for the uninitiated, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social platforms at the moment, particularly for millennials. 

What makes Snapchat so appealing? 

In the main Snapchat captures moments in time as they happen.  As the “stories” disappear there is less focus on making what is presented to your friends perfect.  This is perhaps why celebrities and people int he public eye are flocking to Snapchat.  They can connect with their fans in a genuine way, portray their personalities and know it won’t stick with them for life.

Make it Snappy

OK, OK so I hear you.  Enough of the detail and theory, who are the music peeps on Snapchat we should follow and why?

Chance the Rapper aka @mynamechance

His snaps are few and far between.  Seems to use Snapchat like most of us though, so you do get a feel (when he is using it) about his mood and what he is thinking.  Chance himself has told fans he is not the recognised name ChanceTheSnapper on snapcht.

Diplo @diplo

Diplo Snapchat

Diplo Snapchat

Take a trip around the globe where Diplo takes snappers on tour with him.  You get to see lots of cool places, inside various cars, some snaps of family and kids.  If shaking butts aren’t your thing though, don’t follow Diplo. They seem to be his thang

DJ Khaled @djkhaled30

You get a bit of an insight in to Khaled through his snaps. He also shares some real thoughts on the world.  He does travel around with his snappers and show behind the scenes on a lot of cool places/

Funk master Flex @perr

Very rare snaps from the master that is Flex. Generally its all about him at his shows – which is pretty freekin awesome

Ice Cube @icecubethegreat

Ice Cube

Ice Cube

In his own humble way Cube has to don his snapchat profile with the greatest.  Recently his snaps have been dominated by him travelling the globe promoting his film. Always good fun to watch

Izzy Bizu @izzybizu

Again, very rare snaps but you do get to see the real her when she is on.

Lethal Bizzle @denchchat

Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle

Anybody that know Snapchat knows all about Bizzle.  He has some of the funniest and best snaps in the game.  A definite must follow.

Lisa Maffia @misslisamaffia

Lisa Maffia

Lisa Maffia

Occasional trips across the globe with the lovely lady from So Solid.  Lisa uses Snapchat to show us a real glimpse in to her life, her family and of course her music

Martin Garrix @martingarrix

Anybody that is a fan of Martin Garrix needs to follow hm on snapchat.  He snaps from all his gigs and portrays a great personality through his snaps.  Bits of humour and bits of realism, make him fascinating for fans

Melody Kane @djmelodykane

Melody Kane

Melody Kane

1Xtra DJ Melody Kane is as likely to be found lifting her own bodyweight as she is singing and (yes) dancing in her car.  Lace in to that the occasional snap around her gigs and friends and you get a great (funny) snapper from Melody

Micky Dumoulin @mikemou

Former reality talent show contestant Micky used to make us a little sick with his snaps.  After all he only went off performing on cruise ships in the blistering sun when we were in the depths of working our way through the alphabet with our storms.  Now we get a mix of his amazing talent and some fun every day snaps

Miley Cyrus @mileyxxcyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Few and far between snaps from the pop queen, Miley Cyrus. However, when she does you get a real glimpse in to her life. Glam it up with Miley

Mista Jam @mistajam

Radio 1’s DJ provides some quality snaps with a real mix of his life and action from the studio

MTV @mtv

As you would expect from MTV, lots of behind the scenes at various high profile events such as The Grammys, Oscars etc.  Occasional bits of music too

One Direction @onedirection

One Direction

One Direction

The boys have gone quiet recently and is probably part of their general wind down.  When they do snap, not a massive glimpse in to their lives.  One for the fans only

Rihanna @rihanna



Rihanna is snapping on a surprisingly regular basis.  Largely showing off her amazing body and sass, Rihanna does also give us a proper glimpse in to who she is. A definite must follow

Rita Ora @officialritaora

What I love about Rita Ora and her snaps is you get to see all of her.  The non-makeup, non polished version through to her genuine excitement at some of the places she gets to go to.  Rita lets you in to a lot of her life, although she does enjoy the old overlay as well

Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Rare snaps from Selena but when she does the phone is hot

Brandy @thenextbrandy

How old is Brandy? She still looks amazing and the girl has got real talent.  You get to see a lot of Brandy out and about and now and again hear her great voice

Yasmin Evans @yasminevanss

Yasmin Evans

Yasmin Evans

1Xtra presenter and DJ Yasmine probably shows too much on snapchat, but we love her for it.  Loads of snaps inside the studio, a lot of the time of the guests or Twin.  We also see her fitness regime (which looks intense) as well as her trips in glam get-up to various glitzy bashes. Girl does polish up well

5 Seconds of Summer @wearefivesos



This one is definitely for the fans.  Various pics of the boys not at their best show the real side of 5SOS

Ariana Grande @moonlightbae

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

So Ariana may not have put much music out recently, but she is definitely working on it as her snaps demonstrate.  You get to see the former Disney girl race around looking as much glam as she is relaxing in sweats.  If you want an insight in to hollywood life Ariana is a must follow.


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