Last Chance by IT (Review)

Review of Last Chance by IT on Progressive Gears

Is you want to try out something a little different and also support a worthwhile cause you may want to give this a try.

Progressive Gears

Progressive Gears

Last Chance is a great rock track by IT a English progressive rock band.  It tries to break the traditional boundaries of rock and metal utilising some great axe grinding with quality rock vocals.  Above all this is done for a good cause, so the fact you can get some great music and support a worthwhile cause has to count for something – right?

Progressive Gear Records was formed in September 2015 simply to release the CD Voices for Hospices, which aims to use the power of music in order to raise funds to support the work of the World Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance. The CD brings together artists in progressive rock – from established to indie – from those you know to those you might want to know – and would make a fantastic addition to any collection. All of those involved have given their time – and their talent – for free to help make this happen.

Go on, we gave you a free listen, now you really should do the right thing and show your support by making a little purchase.

Want to know more or purchase – go to

Review by Doug Duffin


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