Nothing, Nothing…Then Something by Dead Hormones (EP Review)

Review of Nothing, Nothing…Then Something by Dead Hormones

Hailing from Hull a group of tongue-n-cheek, hard rocking musicians otherwise known as Dead Hormones have unleashed unto the world their second EP ‘Nothing, Nothing…Then Something’ after much success with their debut self-titled EP last year.

Dead Hormones EP

Dead Hormones EP

It’s a four track package of fresh and raw rock, neatly sealed with a chaotic, gnarly cover. It’s the finished product of months of hard grafting, revamping and rediscovering themselves. The band describe the EP as “a big step in the right direction for us,” hoping their new sound and vision for the future is enough to impress their keen local supporters and help generate a whole lot of new love from those outside their home boundaries.

EP Track list:

1. If I Don’t Make It Home

2. Easy

3. Nothing, Nothing…Then, Something

4. Leathered

The EP itself is a compilation of boozy rock and bouncing riffs, coupled with drawling gruff vocals that are made for good old fashioned lairy rock like this. There’s a certain likeness to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age which can be easily picked out in the licks of tracks such as If I Don’t Make It Home and Easy, whereas the latter half of the EP has much more of a Northern Indie vibe to them, rolling nicely from slow verses in to mellow choruses.

Altogether it’s an energetic EP which is sure to please even the most cynical rock lover and a great first step towards what will hopefully a bright future for Dead Hormones, who also hope to secure themselves some national tour dates later this year.

The EP ‘Nothing, Nothing…Then, Something’ is out February 26th via Warren Records. Keep track of the band on their Facebook  and take in some of their earlier work by visiting their Sound Cloud


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