Introducing Asia Nicole

Introducing Asia Nicole

Asia Nicole is a Florida RnB singer/songwriter who pens her own tracks.  This makes her renditions feel real and relatable to her audience.

Asia Nicole Messages

Asia Nicole Messages

Her latest track is a single called Messages, which talks about a one-sided relationship where Asia Nicole is doing all the running yet her wasteman boyfriend is ignoring her.  She delivers the message with what feels like a classic RnB vive, think Brandy and Monica style. No she doesn’t sound like them, its just that vibe.

I believe Messages is a strong single, but it really could do with a remix and perhaps the addition of some good Hip Hop beats to make it even more rounded.  Obviously that is just a personal opinion on how it could improved.  It is a genuinely good track that RnB fans will love.

Added to that the various accolades and awards that  already has to her name, she is bound to be One To Watch.


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