Introducing Naropa

Introducing Naropa

With the growing takeover of grime in the UK, it seems a while since a new guitar band has made waves.  Well Kent band Naropa seem to have all the ingredients to make it to the top.

Introducing rockers Naropa

Introducing rockers Naropa

Naropa formed in their current guise whilst attending Goldsmiths University in London.  the five piece are Josh (vocals), George (Guitar), Sam (Guitar), Francis (Drums) and Rosie (Bass).  They describe themselves as a live band and can be found playing various local venues.

So if you want to find something new that is real guitar based Indie Rock, Naropa could be perfect for you. Their track 1952 is a great introduction, featuring a great bass sound with a nice vocal.  The whole composition offers something new and breaks the mould of indie as we know it.

Distinctive vocals are constant in 1952 and the instruments are played in an accomplished way.  Naropa may be new, but they feel like veterans.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.


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