In The Mix – Sorry by Justin Bieber (Daska Remix)

In The Mix – Daska Remix of Sorry by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is winning a lot of plaudits at the moment following a bit of a rebrand, personally though, I thought Sorry was a little bland.  That was until Daska got his hands on the track. Wow what a difference he has made with his remix.

Daska Remix of Justin Bieber Sorry

Daska Remix of Justin Bieber Sorry

The Orlanda based DJ/Producer has layered on some VERY heavy beats and a general pace, pitch and tone lacking in the original.  Bieber’s lyrics can still be heard and for those that are sold in to the renaissance, there is enough for them to savour.

Daska explains his work on Sorry

I try use high quality samplers, that sample acoustic instruments to write the break downs and build sections in my tracks. The “drop” or dance section, as I like to call it, I typically will use more modern vsts and progressive drum lines.

Daska has certainly created a big drop and this is bound to get the dancefloors filled like Bieber has never done before.


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