Magnolia by Kalyan (Review)

Review of Magnolia by Kalyan

In 2013, 8 musicians and 2 producers got together at the Leeds College of Music, combining a love of hip-hop and soulful jazz along with a thirst for creating new things in order to create Kalyan.

Magnolia by Kalyan

Magnolia by Kalyan

For the next few years this dynamic ten piece became campus legend, building up a loyal following overflowing house parties with their old school vibe. When it came to their first show, they packed the place, selling out so fast that fans spilled out on to the streets to listen.

In 2015 they released their debut single ‘Soul Searching’, an up tempo party tune that gathered much praise from their loyal following and impressed the fellows over at the BBC 1Xtra radio show.

Now they’re back churning out new tracks, including their latest concoction – ‘Magnolia’.

The track itself has a very old world feel to it, much different than their self-claimed party songs. It’s an easy listening multi-layered piece, complete with steady rise and falls as the song opens up in to horn sections and enough high hat tssks to make you feel like you’ve stepped right in to a smoke filled blues club from the 1930’s. Along with deep creamy vocals indicative of the late Amy Winehouse, this track is six minutes of classic music mash ups done well.

With such a great start, a mix of knowledge and talent along with enough followers to pack out a Brixton club house, it’s almost a dead certain that Kalyan are destined for greatness. This year will see them visit a host of music festivals and compile all their oddities in to one hell of a debut album.

And I, along with many others, can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

Review by Hev Bailey


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