Real Love by Florrie (Review)

Review of Real Love by Florrie

Thought I would never say this but Kylie may have to move over and make way as Florrie becomes my new guilty pleasure.  I don’t really like this genre of music but Real Love, the new single to be released by Florrie is so immediately catchy that I may just listen to this track again and again.
Real Love by Florrie

Real Love by Florrie

The video starts with shaky third person camera views almost like some of the cinema horror that we have all become used to over the last few years but quickly moves to centre on the main attraction Florrie herself.  The video, directed with acclaimed director and visionary Emil Nava (Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran), was filmed in London and is shot in a beautiful yet melancholic house reminiscent of the kitsch décor of a Wes Anderson film.  This is pure pop and pretends to be nothing more.  The imagery is of the swinging sixties but whilst the video speaks of ‘real love’ the visions of something more disturbing ripple underneath as a sub text as we see scenes of the protagonist holding a carving knife and also drowning.
On the video Nava comments, “Working with Florrie on the video was a true pleasure. The collaboration process on this video was amazing. From the concept, to the look, to all the fashion I loved it. It was amazing to shoot this video on 16mm film and create such a stand out look. The concept was a bit risky and Florrie absolutely nailed it. We did more outfits than I have ever done and that comes down to Florrie being such a trooper and absolutely going for it. I can’t wait for the world to see it. Real Love for this one.”
Florrie remarks, “I’d wanted to work with Emil for a long time, and was a big fan of his work, even before I met him. I think its Emil’s energy that I love the most, and it made such a HUGE difference on set. His enthusiasm and love for what he does  really got the best possible performance out of me and I trusted him 100%, which is the best feeling because you can totally relax and have fun with it. I genuinely can’t imagine ever making a video with anyone else now!! I feel very proud of it.”
Florrie has spent the past year travelling across both sides of the Atlantic song-writing and working in the studio crafting her long-awaited debut album, writers Florrie has been working with include Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Ellie Goulding), Tim Anderson (Solange, Banks), Mozella (Miley Cyrus, Rihanna) and Joel Little (Lorde, Sam Smith) to name a few. Real Love is the result of a massive culmination of everything she learnt as an artist over the last 5 years.
Florrie will release her album in Autumn 2016.
Real Love‘ releases on Friday March 25th through Epic Records.
You can watch ‘Real Love‘ here –
Review by Doug Duffin

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