Opus by Eric Prydz (Album Review)

Review of Opus by Eric Prydz

So Eric Prydz is finally releasing his debut album.  Yes the majority of people that don’t closely follow the Swedish DJ/Producer will probably be surprised he hasn’t done so already. such is the strength of his previous track releases.

Review of Opus by Eric Prydz

Review of Opus by Eric Prydz

The 2004 release of Call On Me was probably the defining moment in terms of mainstream commercial breakthrough for Eric Prydz.  The track was a massive hit and utilised a Steve Winwood sample as its key component.  This was followed two years later by Proper Education which shamelessly utilised Pink Floyd as its anchor.

All of the notable work of Eric Prydz in the past has been proper commercial robbery of previous classics with an aim to capture the ears of an enthusiastic teen to early twenties audience.  Adding some pretty simple beat structures and the hits rolled in.  As the title, Opus, suggests this album is meant to be an attempt to show his skills as a producer and move away from his previous cookie cutter hits.

Whilst there are glimpses of serious production techniques and a move away from mainstream dance, the album does little to convince me to change my opinion.  Granted its no David Guetta album, but nobody else could be that cheesy.

Whilst that last paragraph feels scathing to read back and I suppose given the context of the album it probably is.  But, what I am essentially saying is, I think Eric Prydz has still produced an album that will commercially do well.  HIs light commercial techno and methodical approach to production will still appeal to the same audience.  However, will yo go mental to it at a party or serious dance festival? No.  Will you listen to it in the car or hear it at the high-school prom, probably yes.

Opus was an attempt to move Eric Prydz away from production by numbers, but in essence has just cemented his place in modern music.  Eric Prydz, embrace it, take the cash and buy yourself a new Mac for your efforts.


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