Introducing Eriel Indigo

Introducing Eriel Indigo

The best thing about being part of Music Eyz is the music we get exposed to. Because we don’t just go for your big names or chase likes and followers, we get access to some of the emerging music that many in the UK will overlook.

Eriel Indigo is a perfect example of that.  No record deal, no fancy producers or collaborations Eriel Indigo is doing this the hard way.  The fact that her debut single Innocence was released in November 2014 and only now do we get her follow-up Every Little Thing, shows she is doing it herself.  She now has some help in the shape of partner in crime Johnny What, who helps with production on her forthcoming EP Elevate.

Introducing Eriel Indigo

Introducing Eriel Indigo

Every Little Thing is a proper pop banger.  Using some of the latest EDM pop production, overlayed with some lovely simple touches such as the synthesised hand click and some nice beats, this should be a commercial success.  Despite her Ellie Goulding style vocals, Eriel feels really authentic and I believe with the right promotion could be One To Watch.

Eriel herself took a quick minute to tell Music Eyz a bit about her:

“I suppose my music and art inherited quite a bit from my upbringing,” explains Eriel. “Sound healing and revolution are in my blood. I was raised in an environment of outlaws and I learned to question everything, all the while acknowledging our innate connection to each other, to all beings and all things.

Seriously, you all need to hear this and show your support. Lets get some of these non-label concept artists out there and give music back to the people.  Eriel Indigo we are with you and will support your rise in the industry.


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