Premiere – Swear by Miss Krystle

Swear by Miss Krystle A Music Eyz Premiere

As all our regular Music Eyz readers will testify, there is nothing we love more than new music.  With this in mind, we love an exclusive even more.  Arizona based single Miss Krystle has partnered with Music Eyz to Premiere her new track Swear.

Swear Single Cover - Miss Krystle

Swear by Miss Krystle

The single delivers hard beats and some great vocals with a genuine pop feel.  Add to that a great hook and Swear, the first single from Miss Krystle‘s new album Woman In Motion.  The album promises a real mix of pop tracks and some bangers with Miss Krystle exploring deeper and harder vocals.

The video for Swear shows Miss Krystle as equally at home in her bedroom as she is doing a fitness routine in her sweats.

There is genuinely something about Swear and Miss Krystle that sets this out from a lot of the current female pop vocalists out there.  With the right promotion, we could have a new face on the block.


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