Introducing Ink Project

Introducing Ink Project

Many of you may be unaware of Ink Project, but they represent something pretty unique in the current industry. Jez Lloyd is a leading producer and instrumentalist and he leaves his feel all over the Ink Project. He is ably aided by vocalist Melanie Dymond who provides a distinctive tone that offers real standout.

Ink Project - Jeremy Lloyd

Introducing Ink Project

The duo had much success with their debut album Inside The Sun.  After serious airplay from the likes of Giles Peterson, Radio 6 and Radio One, they stole the imagination of critics and music fans alike.  The Ink Project are now back with their second album Satellite On and we have got our hands on the first track Everything Change.

Everything Change was as much of a clash of noise as it was a magical cocktail of audio pleasure.  Jaunty instruments, electronic hints and percussion shaking leads to produce a great experimental type sound.  Add to that Melanie Dymond‘s stunning vocal delivery and we have a track that pulls you in and forces you to listen.  There is no “just leaving it to play in the background”.

Now Everything Change by Ink Project will definitely not be for everybody. It will challenge you and your traditional views of music, but that is only a good thing.

I implore you to listen and give Everything Change a chance with an open mind. I promise you will not regret it.


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