Begin by Lion Babe (Album Review)

Review of Begin by Lion Babe

With all the noise surrounding the release of Rihanna’s Anti album and the hype of Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk and an incredible album has been released and gone pretty much undetected.  Begin is the debut album of Brooklyn pair Lion Babe (Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman).

Lion Babe Album shot from boohoo

Review of Begin by Lion Babe

I interviewed Vanessa and Lucas on the shoot of the latest TV ad and the duo were among the nicest people I have ever met in music, really humble and unassuming.  The way Lucas talks about the creation process and how Lion Babe came about is refreshingly honest. 

Their style, genre or music is hard to categorise, but listening to Begin and talking to the duo, there are heavy influences from the 70s and obviously the golden age of Soul.  The Temptations like sounds and samples are testament to this on Stressed Out.  The throwback style continues on Treat Me Like Fire where Jillian (daughter of Vanessa Williams) delivers great vocals but is supported by superb production from Lucas, including the crackly but authentic vinyl sound.

Of course the album features some sure-fire commercial hits such as Where Do We Go the track on the latest boohoo ad.  Its an upbeat number, almost out of sync with the overall direction of the duo, but containing a great pop hook.

Overall the album is an accomplished production.  Jillian has massive energy and passion in her vocals, probably driven by her energy as a dancer and determination to succeed.  This is fuelled by world-class production from Lucas which uses some amazing beats, some Prince like twists and of course plenty of references to a day gone by.

Overall, I ask you all to take a listen to Begin.  I am sure you will love this debut album by Lion Babe as much as I do.  As much as anything, it will give you a break from all the Rihanna and Zayn hype.


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