Let’s Go by The Northernettes (Review)

Review of Let’s Go by The Northernettes

The Northernettes Lets Go

Review of Lets Go by The Northernettes

Some may say that seeing a massive hit from contestants from The Voice is akin to stumbling across a three eyed albino elephant walking down Oxford St.  And up to now they just might be right.
However, the single ‘Let’s Go‘ from the Northernettes might just start to change all that.  The retro swinging sixties feel video fueled by three amazing soulful voices is immediately catchy and you will not only want to hear more but also start hunting for more of their music on Youtube or Spotify.
The British trio made up of Sophie May Williams, Georgia Harrup and Katie Benbow all appeared on The Voice UK as solo artists and united to form The Northernettes. Lipstick fuelled, sky-high heeled beat brunettes, the group retrofit the classic sounds and styles of the 50’s and 60’s to the 21st century; sleek, shiny songs that will get into your head.  Each in their own right is a cool singer with rich vocal tones but together the result is just – Fab!
Then explore a little more their music at the following: http://thenorthernettes.com/
Lots of fun this retro-infectious trio are likely to be seen a lot more over the coming years.
Inspired by artists including Ray Charles, David Bowie and Boy George, the group have been compared to the Sugababes fronted by Paloma Faith, The Supremes with synthesisers and The Marvelettes with a TR808.
Review by Doug Duffin

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