Overcome by Laura Mvula ft Nile Rogers (Review)

Review of Overcome by Laura Mvula ft Nile Rogers

Laura Mvula is undoubtedly one of the finest talents in the UK at the moment.  Her style has won her critical acclaim whilst her stunning vocal ability and excellent writing and production of her material has garnered a wide following among music buying fans.

Laura Mvula Overcome Review

Review of Overcome by Laura Mvula

Her new single Overcome provides some surprise, whilst maybe no shocks.  It features the very talented Nile Rogers and delivers on so many levels.

Its rare that we will start a review talking about the video, and often it isn’t reference at all. However in this instance, its important.  The visuals are stunning from the very outset.  Using black as the base and some through provoking images and moves that keep the eye and mind engaged.

At times the video feels more like a piece of art or a complex section of a high budget movie.  The african elements and undertones that are throughout the video are obviously close to Laura’s heart and make a perfect stand-out piece. However this never feels self-indulgent or over creative for the sake of it.  The video is so good, it could be watched on its own with the sound off.


All that being said, to watch the video with the sound off would be an absolute crime and if I could find every single person that did that, I would consider personally pressing charges.   Overcome feels from the title like a dramatic highly charged piece of work and thats exactly what you get. The whole sound from the start is atmospheric and builds in such a way that it drives anticipation, suspense and the longing to find out more.  Some of the pauses at the beginning speak louder than any words.

Laura’s vocals at the start are haunting.  They are paired back so all you hear is the beauty and soul in her voice, yet the feeling that there is some vulnerability in her.  The wind effect blowing in the background adds to the atmosphere and delivers a genuinely haunting feel.

Laura Mvula doesn’t just deliver connection with her audience through sound effects or manipulation of her voice.  Her vocals are stunning from start to finish and Overcome is one of the best illustrations of her ability as a vocalist.  Add to that amazing composition and instrumentation throughout and you continue to get a genuine authentic feel.

Overcome by Laura Mvula has an organic sound, that can be commercial but is devoid of big label or commercial interference.  It creates a genuinely authentic feel.  This authenticity will create and develop and loyal and increasingly growing fan base for Laura Mvula.

Overcome is an absolute triumph and is proof, if any was needed, of the amazing ability that Laura Mvula possesses.



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