Nostalgia by Vanessa White (Review)

Review of Nostalgia by Vanessa White

Vanessa White is really pushing her music out there post The Saturdays.  We reviewed Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover which was out in December.  That provided a great classic RnB sound demonstrating what we can expect from Vanessa’s forthcoming EP release Chapter One.

Vanessa White Nostalgia

Vanessa White Nostalgia

Exactly a month later and we get the visuals for her latest track Nostalgia. Building on the momentum that has created a lot of buzz and over half a million views, Nostalgia is a track in a similar vein. It has classic RnB tones with great instrumental composition behind the vocal.  Some heavier beats bringing a really contemporary feel to the track is welcomed and shows the quality of production behind Vanessa White‘s solo project.

Vanessa once again brings amazing vocal ability that belies her position as just one of the girls in The Saturdays.  I challenge any of the other girls to deliver vocals to this standard.  If there was criticism and I am scraping the barrel here, its a shame she maintains the falsetto pitch throughout the track, would be good for her to hit a high note or two in the foreground of the vocals.

The video is cleverly put together, using some great effects and filters, a perfect accompaniment to the track.

I encourage you all to take a listen and make up your own minds, I am sure your views of Vanessa White will change.


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