My Top 5 – Beckii Whiting

My Top 5 – Beckii Whiting

We speak to YouTube sensation Beckii Whiting as she recovers from her sick bed.  For those that don’t know her Beckii has nearly 18,500 youtube subscribers and her videos have amassed over 360k views.  Beckii provides really down to earth views on beauty and her general life. She also mixes some useful tips and info with her own unique brand of humour.

Beckii Whiting - My Top 5

Beckii Whiting – My Top 5

So Beckii dosed up on Night Nurse and gave us her Top 5 tracks. Let us and Beckii know what you think by commenting below or of course tweeting @musiceyz or Beckii Whiting.

I absolutely love this song and just can’t get enough of it. It’s the best song to blast in the car and pretend you’re in a black and white music videot! Adele’s voice is one of a kind and I could just spend hours listening to her singing on repeat. But take it from me, if you decide to sing along to this song in the house, make sure you have shut all the windows or you may get an unexpected visit from your neighbours!

SaxFleur East,

Fleur East Sax

Fleur East Sax

This song is the ultimate pop anthem! Never fails to get me moving on the dance floor, or anyone else in that matter. The energy of the song just puts you in a good mood instantly and it’s a deffo must listen to if you haven’t already!

FocusAriana Grande,

Ariana Grande has came a long way from Nickelodeon and her song Focus is a smash! As soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the beat and it’s been in my ‘getting ready’ playlist ever since! This song makes you feel incredibly fierce and fiesty, which will surely enough get you into the party spirit.

SorryJustin Bieber,

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The fact that it is still number two in the charts says it all really, everyone loves a bit of Justin Bieber! This song as well as ‘Love Yourself‘ are my all time favourite songs of his, ‘Baby‘ just missed out haha! It’s such a catchy tune and guaranteed to be still stuck in your head hours after you have listened to it.

Can’t Feel My FaceThe Weeknd

This song is a body mover for sure! Such a great song to listen to while you are doing the housework or driving in your car. Been in my top 5 since it came out and I don’t think it’s going to be moving anytime soon.

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