My Top 5 – Louy Fierce

My Top 5 – Louy Fierce

Louy Fierce tells Music Eyz his Top 5

Louy Fierce My Top 5 – Music Eyz

US Hip Hop act Louy Fierce takes time out from the studio to speak to Music Eyz.  Louy has built up a really strong fan base by releasing free self-produced music and by using his social channels really effectively.  This has resulted in him getting credits on MTV among many other media outlets.  Louy shares his Top 5 tracks at the moment with us, with some interesting names coming up.

Connor Phillips – All I Ever Had

Connor is a homie of mine and a rapper I’ve worked with on a few occasions. I really fuck with his new joint “All I Ever Had” I actually spit over this beat a few months before him and he didn’t know, but I love his take on it. He’s a youngin from Canada and definitely has big things coming

Follow Connor on Twitter @CPhiltv

Roy Wood$ – Go Go Go

I gotta say I’m really into this new genre that Ovo has brought about. Ive been diving into it myself. Roy Wood$ is one of my favourite guys doing it right now. This song is super smooth riding music I bump this when I’m cruising around.

50 cent feat. Post Malone – Tryna Fuck Me Over

I love seeing older established rappers collabing with fresh up and comers. 50 Cent is obviously fire I don’t have to tell anybody that and Post Malone has been absolutely killing it with this new style of music. 50 did his thing as always but when this verse from Post was kinda like “yo is this Post Malone!?” I was really digging it when I first heard it and I’m still bumping it.

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

Man if you’re still hating on Justin Bieber sit your ass down. This song is so well written its insane. Not sure if he wrote it I should look into that but whoever did must have known they had a hit right away. Either way cant take away  from the solid performance by Biebs. Just cause this song is playing on the radio every five seconds doesn’t mean you gotta act cool and pretend you don’t like it. Give in you know you want to.

Jamie Lawson – I Wasn’t Expecting That

Jamie Lawson is an artist I recently came across when I decided to take a break from hip hop and only listen to some singer songwriter type stuff. I wasn’t expecting that takes you on an emotional roller coaster everytime you listen and if you can really pay attention for the whole time it will leave you kinda shocked for a few minutes after it ends. This song inspired me to write a full length acoustic album with one of my friends.

Shoutout to Music Eyz for giving me the opportunity to share my current favourite tracks with you guys. My EP entitled “Lunar” is releasing 3/23/16 be sure to keep an eye out and follow me on twitter @Louyfierce!



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