Free by Gabriella Rego (Review)

Review of Free by Gabriella Rego

Well its the new year and we start off with a review of a track fresh off the presses.  The delightful and unassuming Gabriella Rego has an EP due for release at the end of January and Free is her first preview from that EP.

Review of Gabriella Rego new track Free

Review of Gabriella Rego new track Free

Gabriella Rego isn’t your traditional contemporary pop star. She has a cute natural look. She fails to use any effects on her voice and completely avoids any EDM backing, guest rapper or hooks stole from other songs.  She is a real musician.

The voice is raw and Rego delivers her vocals to Free in a genuine passionate way that shows it means something to her.  The track feels like she is actually opening her heart to the listener.  The musician floods out as well with her brilliant command of the acoustic piano, a light touch of a drum and cymbal adds to the “unplugged feel” to the track.

Gabrielle also holds some high notes for a pretty long time, showing what a great vocalist she is. So glad she hasn’t ruined the whole thing by appearing on the X Factor.

Free by Gabriella Rego is a refreshing new track that goes completely against music as it is at the moment.  It provides a real lookback to the fundamentals of music.  Great vocals. Expert orchestration of un complex chords and a good pop hook.

We love Free by Gabriella Rego and encourage you all to listen and get behind it.

Happy New Year



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