Homicide by Genesis Elijah (Review)

Review of Homicide by Genesis Elijah

First off, we are a little biased when it comes to Genesis Elijah as we consider him a friend of Music Eyz. However, the reason we got speaking originally was a musical reason.  In my humble, if slightly biased, opinion Genesis Elijah is a mainstay of the UK urban music scene and both one of the best and most under rated MCs in the game.

Genesis Elijah Homicide

Genesis Elijah Homicide

Genesis Elijah releases his new track Homicide, which is held on SBTV.  It links his usual honest and controversial brand of social commentary with a bit of a trap sound.  The messages are really clear. The younger generation have to put up with a lot whilst having many negative influences and perceptions.  Some of which aren’t deserved and events such as police brutality in the US are fair game for discussion.

The track gives the message that Genesis Elijah and other mainstays of UK urban are there for the next generation.  The track is produced in a good way, utilising trap techniques and also embracing voicebox technology for the chorus.

Overall this is a quality track with a positive message. Get behind it and give Genesis Elijah some love.


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