Trouble by Mica & Kardanski (Review)

Review of Trouble by Mica & Kardanski

So Trouble is a much used song title, but don’t worry, this version of Trouble by Manchester duo Mica & Kardanski isn’t a remake of the Shampoo track of the same name.

Review of Mica and Kardanski Trouble

Review of Mica and Kardanski Trouble

Mica & Kardanski actually provide a pretty cool track which an uplifting feel to it, yet covering some of the strains of growing up in Manchester’s concrete jungle.  Talking about life on the streets and encountering events such as muggings, hence the line “You never know when trouble is gonna come your way”

Mica Miller provides the vocals in quite a distinctive way for Trouble, with a deepish tone that seems to transcend a number of genres, making it impossible to pigeon hole Trouble.  There are hints of Hip Hop influences, Motown and same mainstream dance.  All of which combines to provide a real distinctive and uplifting look back to electronica.

The overall feel of the track is completely current, however it still pays tribute to yesteryear in a very credible way.  The whole composition is first class and the track is fire. Evidenced in no small way by its number one position in the Music Week Breakers chart.

Mica & Kardanski have produced a brilliant track, in the form of Trouble, which should get loads of airplay and deserves commercial recognition.


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