Jezebel by New Mayans (Review)

Review of Jezebel by New Mayans

New Mayans have just released a new single “Jezebel” and whilst they cast themselves as Indie Alt Rock this is retro rock all the way.  

Review of Jezebel by New Mayans

Review of Jezebel by New Mayans

In the 1970’s I loved my Sci-fi/ Fantasy based hard rock music with gritty vocals, lots of fuzz on the guitars and great stories to tell.  “Jezebel” is one of those tracks and will sweep you up and take you along with the music.   The threatening guitar work makes you hearken back to the likes of Saxon, Black Sabbath and others.   However, it does has its own twists and is well worth listening to without these comparisons in mind.  If you want to try something different you can download and listen here:
Following the success of their well-received debut single, “Universe,” New Mayans have shifted gears away from the softer seventies synth tones into a darker arrangement of heavy distorted guitar work and hooks echoing influences of seventies and nineties alternative rock. Lead singer, Swiggy, has described his musical style as “Mad Max meets Ziggy Stardust,” which makes sense with the release of their latest single, “Jezebel” which homes in on the hard edge of distorted electric guitars that conjure imagery of a post-apocalyptic landscape.
Jezebel” is from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. “The concept of reality is all in the mind of the observer,” Swiggy comments. “The only person who knows the truth to these questions is an exotic dancer named Jezebel.” To capture the varying inspirations that New Mayans weave together, they recruited producer Mario J. McNulty (David Bowie, Prince, Lou Reed, Nine Inch Nails.)  “Jezebel” was recorded at The Magic Shop, known for flagship albums such as David Bowie’s secret album The Next Day, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, and Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.
Review by Doug Duffin

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