Get Your Kit Out – Onkyo A-9010

Get Your Kit Out – Onkyo A-9010

Anybody with a serious penchant for loud music and crystal clear sound knows how important a good amp can be.  Sadly in recent years there has been a real lack of such devices at a affordable price.  This is where the Onkyo A-9010 comes in to its own.

Get Your Kit Out Onkyo A-9010

Get Your Kit Out Onkyo A-9010


On the surface this Onkyo looks pretty ordinary. It is neat in a wholly functional way, lacking anything in the way of overt design flourishes. It’s clear that pretty much all the effort has gone on optimising the electronics.

In the same mould the remote control is functional without any thrills.  The great thing is, its nicely arranged and simple to use.  This sounds like a bit of an empty compliment, but not really, there are plenty out there with poor remotes.


As soon as you hook up the Onkyo A-9010 you realise that this is a bit more special then the usual budget amp.  What the company has missed from the design, they have more than made up for in the important department.  The sound if banging.

We tested it on a few different genres, including the rock of ACDC and Royal Blood and the guitars were crystal clear.  Then we put in some amazing Roni Size and again the amp handled the bass perfectly.  Finally we tested it with some some old skool Hip Hop and it made Biggie sound a dream.

A little tip though.  If you are going for a proper listening session, hit the source direct button.  This will bypass the tone controls and drives a cleaner sound.


The amp’s basic set-up needs no introduction an neither should it.  However, you may need to read-up if you fancy tailoring the settings as they are a bit above simple.


So Onkyo aren’t particularly well known for their music equipment, as they are much better know for TV equipment.  However, this is a great piece of kit and the company have found a winning formula.  Verdict, great sound at a cheap price, definitely worth saving your pennies for.

Rating: 4/5 – Great piece of kit with a crystal clear sound. Only scored down slightly due to its slightly disappointing design.


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