World of Dynamite by Dynamite MC (Album Review)

Review of World of Dynamite by Dynamite MC

Its rare we receive a mail from label or artist PR that we stop and take a second look.  When discovering new music we tend to try and search it ourselves or use recommendations from those we trust.  However, something with this offer from Dynamite MC made us stop.

Dynamite MC new album World of Dynamite Reviewed

Dynamite MC new album review

World of Dynamite is released on 4th December and boasts production credits from the likes of legends including Roni Size, Wookie, Andy C and Danny Byrd.  The album boasts a huge 30 track ensemble including some classics but plenty of unheard material as well.  The eclectic album boasts some strong Hip Hop breaks, soulful snaps and some banging DnB beats and Garage influences.

One constant throughout is the distinctive lyrical delivery of the award winning Dynamite MC.  The Mercury Music award winner, overlays his lyrics with ridiculous ease on the varied backdrop.  He loads the album with complex and sophisticated rhymes as effortlessly over Hip Hop as he does with DnB.

Choices is one of the new tracks, which is destined for critical acclaim.  The Wookie, produced track is dark yet simple beats and dancehall backing vocal lends the perfect backdrop to Dynamite’s slightly speedier delivery.  The percussive element in the real background is repetitive yet compelling and overall the track is a feel good hit for the clubs.

Music is another new track, this time produced by Zinc is different again.  Featuring several samples and sound clips including lovely references to Elvis, Dynamite MC delivers knockout lyrics on top of hard hip hop beats.  Add to that amazing, almost classical composition to the musical element and expertly cut elements from classic artists such as Michael Jackson, this is a sure-fire banger as well as a homage to artists of yesteryear.  This will definitely get played on the urban music stations, seems a dead cert for Mistajam to play.

Classic tracks such as Bounce and Rider just add to the magnificent collection.

World of Dynamite from Dynamite MC is an absolutely killer of an album. A great body of multi-genre urban music that should form part of your music collection.


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