Made in the AM by One Direction (Album Review)

Made in the AM by One Direction (Album Review)

So it is well publicised that the One Direction boys will be taking a bit of a break in the new year.  This is common code, that doesn’t take the intellectual capacity of the geeks in the Imitation Game to work out, for One Direction are splitting up.  Their midas touch has slipped of late and as the boys become as well known for their individual actions as they do for their music its time to move on.

One Direction Made in the AM

One Direction Made in the AM

No surprising then that 1D release Made in the AM their fifth album in time for mum’s and gran’s to buy as stocking fillers for their teenage family members, when in all honesty most would have probably preferred something slightly more cool.  The thing is most 1D fans have got older. As they get older their music tastes change.  1D just aren’t current anymore. Throw in to the mix the rather careless loss of a member of the group along the way and its all over.  Probably all bar a greatest hits album in 2016.

Made in the AM is pure 1D. Yes its slightly more polished than preceding albums, but it had to be to support the boys solo efforts.  It does still boast some great collaborations and is without a doubt 100% sugar coated pop for teenage girls. 

Highlights of the album include Never Enough a kind of pop meets RnB hybrid.  Olivia is as pop as it gets, kind of what Queen might have made if they had no musical integrity and just chased the cash.

To back up my theory around the code and this is the end.  The album ends on Love You Goodbye and History.  Yes there will be some broken hearts as the inevitable happens, but I am sure most of their fans will move on as quickly as they do with their new phones.

The album is pure pop and pure One Direction.  If you like this kind of thing you will like this.  Sadly it just feels a bit of a rushed collection to get out to meet the christmas demand and sod the consequences.  Nothing majorly wrong, but definitely no belters.

Thanks for the memories One Direction its been real, but your time has come.


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