The Very Best of Erasure by Erasure (Album Review)

Album Review – Erasure ‘Always – The Very Best of Erasure’

What were you doing 30 years ago?  I was in my final year of uni, deciding whether to drink or revise – but some of you were not even born (how depressing).  (Ed – most of them weren’t born Doug) It was a great decade and the music scene was vibrant and diverse.

Review of Always The Very Best of Erasure

Review of Always The Very Best of Erasure

Erasure were a band that erupted on the music scene 30 years ago and shocked us all with their unique sound and stream of major hits. UK synth-pop pioneers Andy Bell and Vince Clarke generated a huge following over the years, producing no fewer than 16 studio albums, 17 top 10 singles and 34 Top 40 hits.

On October 30th the band released a new 1-CD and 3-CD compilation ‘Always – The Very Best of Erasure’ available in a special hardback book format featuring a selection of the band’s singles from 1985 to today alongside two further discs of new and classic remixes. The first CD is available as a single disc compilation in standard Digipak packaging.

The 3-CD compilation is a real treasure chest of hits to unwrap just in time for Christmas. All the greats are there that you would expect – A Little Respect, Sometimes, Victim Of Love and Ship Of Fools and many others that you will remember. There are also loads of really cool remixes by the likes of William Orbit, GRN, The Grid, Moby and BT. This isn’t about nostalgia but rather about making you listen again and remember how Bell and Clarke really made their mark on the club scene. Its also a story of evolution with non just the great oldies but also some newer tracks.

Erasure were always about beauty, playfulness and a positive outlook on life unlike many of their contemporaries and this compilation brings all that back. This collection reminds us just how brilliant Bell and Clarke were as pop songwriters and listening to them again reveals hidden depths of their music that I totally missed when I first heard them. The first CD is a piledriver of their hits which not only has all the ones you want to hear but also some newer cuts of these hits that you won’t have heard before. The next two CD’s are a mix of their own re-mixes and those of others – many of which are surprising and which totally transform pop tracks into something more modern or grainy. A techno version of Chains Of Love by Clarke surprises whilst Mark Pichiotti‘s version of ‘Freedom‘ is gritty and contains amazing flamenco back lines.

Erasure are Andy Bell and Vince Clarke

Erasure are Andy Bell and Vince Clarke

Whether you want to bring back memories and create new ones or buy someone something special for Christmas this year – this compilation won’t disappoint.

Here is the album tracklisting:

CD1 – Who Needs Love (Like That) / Oh L’Amour / Sometimes / Victim of Love / The Circus / Ship of

Fools / Chains of Love / A Little Respect / Stop! / Drama! / Blue Savannah / Chorus / Love To Hate

You / Take A Chance On Me / Always / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day) / Breathe / Be With

You / Elevation / Sometimes 2015

CD2 – Who Needs Love (Like That) [Mexican Mix] / Oh L’Amour [PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ooh La La’] /

The Circus [Eternal Eraser Mix by Grumbling Fur] / A Little Respect [Big Train Remix] / Stop! [Vince

Clarke Sync 82 Remix] / Blue Savannah [Der Deutsche Mix II] / Chorus [Vegan Mix] / Love To Hate

You [LFO Modulated Filter Mix] / Always [Microbots Inside Your Brain Mix] / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold

Summer’s Day) [Tin Tin Out Remix] / Breathe [GRN Remix] / Elevation [BT Remix]

CD3 – Victim Of Love [Vixen Vitesse Remix] / Chains Of Love [Vince Clarke Remix] / Drama! [Krucial

Remix] / You Surround Me [Mark Saunders Remix] / Star [Interstella Mix] / Am I Right [The Grid

Remix] / Run To The Sun [Beatmasters’ Galactic Remix] / In My Arms [BBE Remix] / Freedom [Mark

Picchiotti Strumapella Remix] / Be With You [Starshapes Remix] / Sometimes [Erasure & Flood Mix]

Review by Doug Duffin


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