Too Strong by Whinnie Williams (Review)

Review of Too Strong by Whinnie Williams

For too long the soulful singers have been grown from various reality talent shows such as X Factor.  As a consequence we hear the artist warbling or shouting out dull ballads.  They can all sing, but as they battle to be the biggest soul diva, the art often gets left behind.

Enter Whinnie Williams.  This girl can sing, her voice is so soulful, you kind of don’t expect her to look like she does.  Too Strong has a genuine retro feel to it. Not retro reaching back to the 90s but back to Motown days.  It has a kind of Supremes feel about it, but with contemporary elements to bring it well and truly up to date.

Review of Whinnie Williams Too Strong

Review of Whinnie Williams Too Strong

The quality of Whinnie’s delivery is immense.  She handles the slower, quieter lyrics as well as she delivers the louder more rousing elements.  Thats even without talking about the amazing mid-tones.  The simple, almost percussive feel to the music just adds to the beauty of Too Strong.

At one point towards the end, Whinnie even breaks it down to deliver a soft bit of rap.

Whinnie Williams can sing. Whinnie Williams is a proper talent.  Too Strong is proper strong track, we LOVE IT!!!

You really have to listen to Too Strong. Let us know what you think by adding a comment below or by Tweeting us @musiceyz but for the record if you say you don’t like it, then you are wrong.

Whinnie Williams aka Jade Williams has also performed under the name Sunday Girl


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