Get Weird by Little Mix (Album Review)

Review of Get Weird the new Album by Little Mix

The X Factor has produced some of the biggest names on pop over the last decade or so.  The likes of JLS, Olly Murs, Leona Lewis and of course One Direction to name a few.  But the only group to ever win the X Factor are currently the biggest girl group on the planet.  Little Mix seem to have everything.

Review of Get Weird by Little Mix

Review of Get Weird by Little Mix

The girls appeal to girls of all age, races and backgrounds.  The combine a perceived down to earth feel, with added sass and sparkle.  The reason most girls seem to like this is because it feels credible.  Its not forced as the likes of Girls Aloud and Spice Girls seemed to be, although both were obviously hugely successful as well.  However, times have moved on.  By the way, a lot of guys also like them, maybe for different reasons.

The girl group category is one of the fiercest and the most difficult to get right, for every Little Mix or Girls Aloud there are tens to hundreds of failures that all had record deals.  But the worse thing that could happen is the leaders of the category rest on their laurels and think the work is done.

Get Weird is the third release from the Little Mix girls, all on Syco.  None of the potential complacency exposes itself on the album.  The life events that each of the girls have experienced seem to have just added to the mix and made them stronger and better.

Whilst nobody is pretending that Little Mix are musicians, they are talented writers.  This shines through in the album with the girls enjoying writing credits and several tracks.  The album seems to expose their personality traits, a bit of cheek, a huge dose of sass and a little bit of sexiness to get the mood flowing.

The production on the album is superb.  Each and every track boasts a great hook which results in each track being a potential single.  For this to happen on any album is rare, but thats what the girls do.

You all know Black Magic, a great track with a brilliant retro feel and a video to match.  Referencing 90s classic media such as The Craft, which seems all the rage.  The retro feel doesn’t end there.  Love Me Like You has a feel from further back again, with a lovely 60s girl group vibe about it.  Definitely a track you envisage the average teenage girl singing in her mirror to.

There are some guest appearances as well, not least from Jason Derulo who enhances the lovely strings-based ballad Secret Love Song.  Whether or not he was actually in the studio with the girls is not known at the time of writing, but you could feel a chemistry there.

The track that will gain the headlines and a potentially a rough response from One Direction fans is Hair.  The track is one that bashes ex partners and is quite ruthless in its approach but laced with great humour or if it was a lad singing, banter.  Obviously Little Mix have a young audience so the language is carefully selected and the girls are helped by the addition of a bell, used to comedy effect.  The line “he was just a (d***) and I knew it” is blatantly aimed at the dog that is Zayn Malik who cowardly called off his engagement to Perrie Edwards via text.

The album does change style and genre throughout.  The retro look backs are superb and the mix of great percussive backings is superb.  The album is all about pop though, but takes a bit of a twist for the finale.  The aptly titled The End is a genuine acapella harmony, which demonstrates each and every girl’s ability to knock out a great vocal.  The fact they can each sound amazing individually yet kill it together as well is testimony to their talent.

If the X Factor could produce a talent even close to this standard again, Simon Cowell would be a very happy man. It might even get us watching again.  After all, each and every girl has the vocal ability to embarrass not only each contestant but also ex-Girls Aloud judge Cheryl Cole.

If you love pop music, you need to get Get Weird.  You should also consider it as a great stocking filler for any teenage girl in your family.  First class album.

What do you think of Little Mix and their new album Get Weird? Let us know by adding your comments below or by tweeting us @musiceyz on Twitter.


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