Bars by Jammer (Review)

Review of Bars by Jammer

Well lets get this review off to the start we mean, so if you can’t be bothered to read anything else, here is the one word summary of Bars by Jammer – WOW!!!

Jammer delivers a track that is darker than dark.  He delivers a track that could almost define what grime is meant to be and it isn’t just the video (which incidentally is dark).  The bars that are written in Bars are intense, the music is proper grimey and the lyrics are constructed with ridiculous ease.

Bars by Jammer

Bars by Jammer

Some great rhymes and lines including “believe in god but shout out to the atheists” and “everybody starts taking charlie for fun, I’m a big man but I aint 30, that will take out half your lung”  The whole composition has some great messages and moves away from the standard how much money I got and how many bitches I have.

Jammer spits his lyrics with a genuine attitude and displays credibility in Bars.  The eerie dark musical composition feels like real grime music. Grime music before it became commercial.  Jammer, you got real props from Music Eyz for Bars. Sick track!


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