X21 by The Wholls (Review)

The Wholls – X21

Coming from a background in IT an X21 when called out in a computer room is a cable connecting monitor to PC. Never will I look at an X21 cable again without hearing, “It’ll revolutionise the way you live and breathe.” Good chat up line though all the same. Could have used that one back in the day.

X21 by The Wholls, is a tune engineered to securely fasten this band under the radar as ones to watch out for as of now. Sounding like they have already made it in the States and have come back with this whopper of a track, the band have borrowed something old, The Clash (from the 80s not 70s) and something new, The Foals. With a massive element of edgy perfection and a ramped up new version release of rock ‘n roll, The Wholls have launched straight out onto the market without a need for any bug fixes. Already consumers this side of the music world are signing up for the band’s next release.

Review of X21 by The Wholls

Review of X21 by The Wholls

A 4 piece band from Bedford, The Wholls possess an incredibly powerful vocalist, big drums, big guitars and X21 gets the adrenaline pumping making it no surprise that this debut single has been rebooted time and time again at some of the big football stadiums around the UK during October. The overall sound is very commercial, very cinematic and the abrupt ending leaves the listener feeling very much satisfyingly teased. The accompanying visuals are strong and show that not only does this band sound good, it looks irresistibly good too.

If you are thinking of checking The Wholls out live I would highly recommend it. No insurance needed on your decision as reading up online of their live performance, expect an energetic and charismatic one.

Chosen intuitively as a band to watch out for in 2016, The Wholls are and will be sensational. X21, here and yours to explore.

Review by Nicola Timmons


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