Revival by Selena Gomez (Album Review)

Review of Revival by Selena Gomez

Before we start the actual album review, we all probably have our own view on Selena Gomez and her music career to date.  In all fairness, we here at Music Eyz haven’t been great supporters, whilst never particularly tearing in to her.  The reason? Difficult really, probably just the whole fall-out from the Bieber thing and being seen to be known for fame’s sake rather than her music.

Then there is the other side of Selena Gomez that was discovered recently.  Really sad news that the starlet is undergoing chemotherapy for Lupus.

With all of this in mind, I made a promise to park all of that additional information and listen to the album for exactly what it is, a new piece of work from a young pop star.

Selena Gomez Revival

Selena Gomez Revival

The first thing like strikes you from Revival is the superb production.  I didn’t get a chance to research the production credits, but the team behind this deserve massive props.  They have produced a great sounding product that plays to the vocal delivery of Selena Gomez.  This is apparent from the very first track.

Good for You, opens the album and is a brilliant pop RnB number, which is all about the package as opposed to any messages or dissing of previous beaus or celebrity friends.  Hands to Myself touches (no pun intended) on you wanting to grab and grope your partner, but done in a very tasteful way (if that topic can be tasteful). Gomez nearly whispers her lyrics whilst the beats are completely stripped back giving an almost Sessions type feel to it.

Me & Rhythm shows that Selena Gomez is still, for everything else, still a young woman.  It explores a lively almost hedonistic club vibe, without the listener ever feeling that they need to break out the glowsticks and day-glow head bands.

Yes there are some misses, as you would expect from any pop album. In fact, most of the bonus material is no bonus at all.  But overall, Revival is a triumph for Selena Gomez, with one or two definite hit singles on offer.

So forget the back story. Forget the controversy. Forget the sympathy and forget the child star thing.  If you like pop music, Revival is an excellently mastered pop production with some lovely vocals from Selena Gomez, that will make you press repeat. Good job and my personal perception has been changed.


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