Hotel by Kid Ink ft Chris Brown (Review)

Review of Hotel by Kid Ink ft Chris Brown

 I’m actually quite the Kid Ink fan and based on his previous records ‘Body Language’ ft Usher and Tinashe and ‘Be Real’ ft Dej Loaf. I was already expecting quite the hit with his latest single ‘Hotel’ which features Chris Brown. There’s something about Kid Inks vocals that just soothe me, they just seem to flow through each song with ease. You can’t deny that each collaboration is always with somebody of an equally high standard. Based on Kid Ink‘s track record, he’s set for stardom and appears to be made to work in the music industry.
Review of Hotel by Kid Ink ft Chris Brown

Review of Hotel by Kid Ink ft Chris Brown

The beats throughout the song are simple yet effective and extremely catchy that after a couple of plays you’re either humming along to the tune, singing the words or both. I think it was a great move to add ultra smooth Chris Brown on this track and I think their vocals compliment each other perfectly. A match made in musical heaven.
 This is fast becoming one of my most played songs of the month and I definitely recommend you add it to the collection as well. Really catchy and easy on the ears it’s the perfect song to listen to and I always turn it up when I hear it come on the radio. I would love to see Kid Ink live as I think he would put his heart and soul into each performance and he’s easy on the eye as well.
The lyrics in the song tell a story of something that probably occurs on a daily basis, especially in the music industry. My take on these lyrics are that, the guy has a partner but it doesn’t stop girls trying to still get with him and those same girls will do anything to make it happen. Lets face it the guy isn’t resisting either in this scenario.
Overall I would say Hotel by Kid Ink, is really good and one for the iTunes collection.
Review by Natalie Yildiz

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