Introducing Mavrick

Introducing Mavrick

Mavrick is a new singer/songwriter/producer from Sweden and signed to Polydor Sweden that is sure to make waves with his debut single “Remedy“, which is available to download from all the usual places right now.
Introducing Mavrick

Introducing Mavrick

The song starts off with a simple piano refrain and Mavrick’s vocals before the pop and drum n bass beat kick in with the chorus. You can hear the influence of Rudimental and other UK drum n bass producers (DJ Fresh/Wilkinson) that have done well in the charts all over this, but that is not a bad thing at all.
In fact, the single is not simply a standard dnb banger with beautiful male vocals that we have become used to over the last year or so, for the last minute of the song, Remedy ends with a distinct gospel flavour with what sounds like a choir singing the chorus acapella.
I am definitely intrigued to hear more from Mavrick after hearing Remedy. I understand he is working on his debut album due to be released in 2016, so keep an eye out for more singles and the release of said album.
By Nick Rayman

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