Quite Frankly by Nina Baker (Album Review)

Review of Quite Frankly by Nina Baker

Nina Baker display a wide range of vocal talent and styles on her new album Quite Frankly.  The album gives the impression of a looking glass on Nina’s heart.  It conveys heartache and deep lying themes of self-exploration.  The album tweaks from tracks with a Lily Allen sense to them to delightfully constructed 90s pop.

Nina Baker Quite Frankly

Nina Baker Quite Frankly

The opening track is a bit cheeky and whether or not it is one from self-experience we may never know.  Single Bed is as feisty as it is whimsical and sets the nail in the coffin for a would-be BAE with the lyric “I don’t need you in my single bed”.  Bruising changes in style but still leads on relationships, with a feel of a relationship deteriorating to its demise.

Breaking Every Rule feels almost acoustic and allows Nina Baker to expose her vocals to their fullest.  Baker shows that you don’t need to have a mega recording deal to be able to deliver an album of some magnitude.

The album continues on a similar theme, providing excellent musical composition and vocal delivery of varied and eclectic styles.  The album seems to tell a story, most of which is a story of sadness and poor fortune in relationships.

One of the highlights of the album and a track that plays more to mainstream contemporary music is Falling.  The track closes Quite Frankly and is a fitting way for Nina Baker to wrap up.  Falling is a tender ballad with a tender tale.  We hope that Nina hasn’t gone through all of these emotions n her relationships, but the sincerity and passion makes me feel that maybe she has.

Whilst Quite Frankly has love songs and break-up songs, it equally shows deep and complex emotions.  This could be a deep and quite frankly dark album, but Nina shows her personality and character by using some amusing juvenile insults to soften the messages.

Quite Frankly is a lovely rollercoaster of ambiguity in relationships.  It is charming, endearing and at times funny.  We love Quite Frankly and we all love Nina Baker a little more after hearing Quite Frankly.


One thought on “Quite Frankly by Nina Baker (Album Review)

  1. I love your review and I agree with you. Listening to ‘Quite Frankly’ in one go, is a bit like travelling through someone’s love life. Or like reading someone’s diary. I always feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t be and hope I don’t get found out! I too hope Nina hasn’t had all those experiences. But I find it an intoxicating and fun album.

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