Exclusive Interview With Ruts DC

Interview with Ruts DC

We heard the great news about the legendary Ruts DC embarking on a UK & European tour and we had to speak to them.  Despite preparing for their monster tour, the London boys took time out to speak to Music Eyz.

Music Eyz Interview with Ruts DC

Music Eyz Interview with Ruts DC

Ruts DC:

Thank you, you are most welcome

Music Eyz: So some of our readers wouldn’t have been born when you first hit the scene (sorry to make you feel old).  According to Wikipedia you are a reggae-enthused punk rock band, I’m not sure what that means, so can you describe your style for us?

Ruts DC:

We play a kind of soulful Punk Rock & Reggae

Music Eyz: So you hit the headlines pretty immediately, was that expected?

Ruts DC:

Well, we were together for 18 months working very hard,cutting our teeth and building our fan base before signing to Virgin records in April ’79

Music Eyz: John Peel was a fan of yours, did you ever meet him? What did it mean to have his support?

Ruts DC:

Yes we did meet John on several occasions, his support for us on his evening radio show was integral to our successes he was a big fan of the group he played Our first single “in a rut” repeatedly as well as giving us three BBC radio sessions on his show.

Music Eyz: So Punk was really popular in the 70s and 80s, do you think it still has a place today or is more for nostalgia?

Ruts DC:

We were never really that interested in what is generally known as the “punk scene” as such, We are more interested in music as a liberating positive thing.
Which for me “Punk” always was.
It’s an attitude not a style of music or even fashion.

Music Eyz: You guys are veterans of the music scene, what can the current batch learn from you?

Ruts DC:

Stick with what you do well and don’t jump on a bandwagon, perseverance will win the day.

Music Eyz: What can we expect from your tour?

Ruts DC:

Some powerful new songs, some sublime grooves and passionately played great classics.

Music Eyz: Will we get newer stuff or will it be purely the greatest hits and crowd pleasers?

Ruts DC:

It will be a combination of these things, we are very proud of our heritage and a lot of the messages remain vital, however we are not a nostalgic tribute band and are constantly moving forward. Our show is very powerful and very positive

Music Eyz: What is it like to perform live? Do you always get a rousing reception from your fans?

Ruts DC:

Yes, the shows are always different but always good.

Music Eyz: Have you had any bad experiences on tour? If so, can you describe the worse one?

Ruts DC:

Well I guess the worst one would have been back in the day when virgin reneged  on their promise of tour support and all our gear got impounded in Berlin

Music Eyz: What is life on tour like? Do you all live on top of each other in a bus?

Ruts DC:

No we try and get hotels whenever we tour the UK, although we did have a bus on the Damned tour in 2013.

Music Eyz: Who has the worse habits?

Ruts DC:

I guess we probably all snore? I never hear mine though as I’m fast asleep

Music Eyz: So when the tour is over can we expect any new music in the future?

Ruts DC:

Yes we hope to start recording our new album in December it will be a rock record our 1st in a long time

And has a working title of “psychic attack

Music Eyz: I am sure it would mean a lot to our readers, but what would you like to say to them and your loyal fans?

Ruts DC:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the forthcoming shows, you won’t be disappointed and we hope to meet some of you after the shows.

Music Eyz: Gents, its been a pleasure, thanks so much for your time. Hope to see you when you’re touring the UK

Ruts DC:


Ruffy & Segs

Ruts DC


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