Interview With Casual Agenda

Interview with Casual Agenda

“When the captain called for balls to the wall, we stoked the fire and pushed the throttle to full.”

Casual Agenda

A wonderfully tight and brilliant 3-piece Mod rock ‘n roll band from the West Midlands, Casual Agenda’s same self-titled debut EP truly is well worth the few shillings. Like a steam engine, these guys have ripped through the decades from 60s mod music to its late 70s retro revival. From here they have picked up some really nice punk of that time before storming onto the alternative rock sound of the 80s and 90s and finishing up smack bang in the indie terminal. It’s a first class journey with stop offs at these historical stations of music and it’s no surprise that this band has been asked to open up for From The Jam, November 21st at Birmingham’s O2 Academy.

Interview with Casual Agenda

Interview with Casual Agenda

With lyrics bordering on the cynical at times, a defiant attitude, a nonchalant sounding vocalist, a drummer that really is a bit special, a powerful bassline that influences the direction of the overall sound and guitar riffs that explode from the top drawer, Casual Agenda is a well-oiled machine. The pace of the tracks are regulated for the most part but they do tease your senses when the band let rip at sections and just go balls to the wall.

Casual Agenda are:

Peter Roper – vocalist, song writer, guitar.

Joe Service – Bass.

Dan Bott – Drums, keyboard and percussion.

Music Eyz. Let’s say that you are coming to play in Dublin and I’m meeting you for a pint and you’re running late. What do I get in at the bar for you, pint of Guinness?

Pedro – A brew

Joe – Most likely

Dan – Carling, please

Music Eyz The gig with From the Jam, November 21st, how did that come about?

Pedro – We just had an email from an agent in London asking us to play, they thought we sounded good and asked what our fan base was like.

Joe – A London booking agent just got in touch with us and asked us to play. It’s nice when they come to you 😉

Music Eyz If you had the pick of any band to open up for you, which one would make the cut?

PedroAudio Subscene or Regale, there’s stacks of brilliant bands around at the minute, a new movement is starting…

JoeThe Smiths, band today Catfish and the Bottlemen

DanPaul McCartney (here’s hoping)

Music Eyz I read online that you came up with the name Casual Agenda whilst down the pub with mates. Did the conversation go something like,

a). “Listen right, this is a casual night. What’s with the suit?”

b). “what’s on the agenda for tonight lads? A few scoops then hit the club or just stay here?”

c). a mixture of a). and b).

or d). “Nah mate nothing casual about her. Always coming with an agenda”

e). The conversation didn’t go anything like a,b,c or d 🙂

Pedro – It was either Casual Agenda or The Trip. Joe came up with CA. Zion Chord was floating around as well? I know, shocking!

Joe – We struggle to come with names for anything lol. We wanted something original (which is very hard these days) and just in case we made it big didn’t want any law suits. Wasn’t feeling Zion Chord and The Trip I think is/was already taken. Casual Agenda kinda came out of nowhere really. More to do with our personality as we’re pretty laid back.

It’s also in that “Definitely maybe” mould which is pretty cool.

Music Eyz What would you like to get a second bite of the cherry at?

Pedro – Being able to drink more tea. Everyone needs more tea!

Joe – Various Football accumulators

Music Eyz. What was the highlight of playing at Salford Festival last weekend, 26th September?

Pedro – People that hadn’t seen us before or even heard us play were asking when new material is out! That was pretty special! Overall a top gig, we played well!

Music Eyz Where did you shoot the vid for Moonlight?

Pedro – A local music shop near us called the musical den, lad that works in there is a legend!

Music Eyz. Next gig as a band, 02nd Oct at the Victoria, Birmingham. Will you have merchandise to sell at it? I’d love a t-shirt if you do. Can I buy one online? I think Casual Agenda on a t-shirt would look the business, a real conversation starter particularly at the bar 🙂

Pedro – No, we have had some done before really need to get back on the band wagon to be fair. We’ll get one out to you!

Music Eyz. Next gig you’ll attend as a punter?

PedroThe Strypes

The Strypes

The Strypes

JoeJohnny Marr at the Institute in Birmingham

DanJohn Grant – Eventim Apollo

Music Eyz. More material on the way?

Joe – Yes, sounding awesome as well. Watch this space

Dan – Watch this space

Link to vid/tracks.

Casual Agenda Soundcloud

By Nicola Timmons


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