The Thinker by Derange (Review)

Review of The Thinker by Derange

Hailing from the London underworlds, Derange formed in late 2012 and have since then spent years finding their sound, perfecting their crowd and gathering support for the release of their debut album ‘The Awakening’ – which is promised to us by October this year. In 2014 they released their EP ‘Change’ and picked up a new guitarist along the way, as well as compliments from the likes of Front Magazine. Having been known to take their time before releasing music, Derange are renowned for their hard work and ‘nothing-less-than-perfect’ attitude when it comes to studio time, ensuring everything that emerges is worth of the Derange crown.

The Thinker by Derange

The Thinker by Derange

Their latest single ‘The Thinker’ is a true testament to this work ethic and a statement to what we can expect from the much anticipated album later this year.

The track itself is a cluster of thrumming drums and piercing riffs, blended together perfectly with rough and haunting vocals. There’s something quite nostalgic about this song for anyone who’s ever been a lover of female fronted hard core, and it definitely feels like a nod to the ass kicking women who came before in the form of epic bands such as Jack off Jill and Kittie, whilst still being true to those strong tech-metal roots that can be heard throughout.

It’s a track full of power and noise and, coupled with a brilliantly weird and true tech metal video full of dark abstract imagery, is the perfect preview of what looks to be a ‘well-worth-the-wait’ album.

The album The Awakening is out 5th October 2015.

Review by Hev Bailey


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