My Top 5 – Rachel Christie

My Top 5 – Rachel Christie

In the latest of our Top 5 we speak to Rachel Christie, the niece of Olympic sprinter, Linford Christie.  She is also a finalist of Love Island

Top 5 - Rachel Christie

Top 5 – Rachel Christie

Cheerleader by OMI

I can’t get enough of this one, I still blast it on repeat, definitely gets me in the mood for anything really, like going out or heading to the gym and cleaning my house lol. It’s upbeat and never gets boring for me.

Freak of the Week by Krept N Konan

Yea ‘she is the freak if the week’ gets me going for those instagram selfies lol (not really). I’m always supporting UK artists and Krept n Konan are doing well right now, also overseas including in the US. My favourite tune by these guys so far and I’m sure there’s more to come, also met them a couple of times and they are really down to earth.

Krept n Konan Freak of the Week

Krept n Konan Freak of the Week

Blessings by Big Sean ft Drake and Kanye

Just got to love a bit of Hip Hop and if Drake isn’t on your playlist then you need reevaluate your music ha. So of course I couldn’t resist this tune when I heard it! ‘Blessings‘ reminds me…I’m blessed, got to full fill that moto Live Love Life!

Wings by Birdy

Okay this is one of the different tunes on my playlist, I like to switch it up from house RnB and hip hop now and again. Heard this one on the Lloyds advert (you know with the woman riding the horse) it drew me in straight away. I like to listen to this when I’m winding down because it’s quite slow and relaxing.

Say Something by Karen Harding

Karen Harding

Karen Harding

House music is my ultimate ‘fettling ready to go out’ music.
I love all types of house music deep house being my favourite! This one by Karen Harding gets me shuffling all over the place like ‘ants in my pants’ literally lol I’m singing with the hair brush in front of the mirror with a glass of whatever before I go out.


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