Music Eyz Takes on Spurs With Some Friends

Music Eyz Takes on Spurs with Some Friends

We were honoured to be asked to help to organise a boohooMAN sponsored, charity football match for Anna Kennedy OBE and her charity for Autism Awareness.   So Music Eyz opened its little black book of celebrity friends and put together a little team to take on one of the Premiership’s top clubs in Tottenham Hotspur. Granted, it wasn’t their first team, but the legends.

On what started as a sunny afternoon in Bishops Stortford (somewhere near Stanstead Airport), Spurs Legends bought a big squad, featuring former international players including the legendary Darren Anderton (England), Ramon Vega (Switzerland) and Danny Maddix (Jamaica). Each and every player on their team was an established former professional player, most of whom played many years at the top level. Oh and Ralf Little.

So we had to create a squad capable of not getting humiliated. We scoured the country and picked up a decent team. We had the likes of George Gilbey (Gogglebox and Big Brother), Jeff Brazier, Ortis Deley, Chris Baxter (Love Island) and Danny Young (Corrie).

Obviously, we had to layer in a few people in music, so along came Tom Wheeler (Dr Meaker’s drummer), DDark and the character that is Dappy.

The warm up began and balls went flying everywhere courtesy of DDark and Jordan Coulson. The physical warm up drill, led by captain Jeff Brazier then took place with many of us, not mentioning names (George) thinking that was our effort for the day. Jeff does know how to put people through their paces.

As the match began, the skies decided to empty and a deluge of rain decided to fall and last for pretty much the entire 90 minutes. In an entertaining first half the Celebrities took the game to Spurs Legends with the tidy play from man of the match Jordon Coulson, Danny Young, Jeff Brazier and Chris Baxter.

Chris Baxter in action

Chris Baxter in action

The manager (namely me) made an inspired decision to partner captain Jeff Brazier at the back with our former pro Stuart Wardley. They organised the defence brilliantly which was completed by TV presenter Ortis Deley and Dr Meaker’s drummer, Tom Wheeler, who had made the long trek from Bristol for the game. Both of whom performed very well.

The celebrities all played extremely well in the first half (with the possible exception of me) and the music element was made up of Dappy who showed some brilliant skill and technique in his distribution and Ddark who ran tirelessly and supported the team very well with grit and determination.

Dappy playing against Spurs

Dappy playing against Spurs

The first half was so good in fact that the celebs went in a goal up. I actually made a goal line clearance!!!

The highlight of the first half though, had to be George Gilbey, for admitting he had to come off as he was about to die and also his brilliant banter in the dugout that kept everybody amused.

Half time came and some much needed rest and a chance to squeeze our shirts dry of the thousands of gallons of water that had been collected from the sky. Not an ideal start to the second half , which saw us leak two early goals (obviously because star players myself and George were off the pitch).

The Legends controlled the game from that point and ran out eventual winners, with great performances from Darren Anderton, Ramon Vega, Brian Statham and TV’s Ralf Little.

The star from all of the music boys though had to be Micky Dumoulin. The former BGT finalist was in inspired form in goal and stopped the scoreline being a lot higher.

Every single celebrity in the team did really well and above all the two sides created a good spectacle in the match that rewarded the paying spectators with good football not just celeb spotting. The most important thing of all (apart from my limbs finally recovering from the exertions) was that money and attention was raised for Austism Awareness and supporting Anna Kennedy OBE’s charity.

Here is to the next one. (It might take me that long to recover).

The celebrity squad was as follows:

Micky Dumoulin (BGT); Ortis Deley (TV Presenter); Jeff Brazier (TV Personality); Stuart Wardley (ex-QPR and Bishops Stortford Manager); Tom Wheeler (Drummer, Dr Meaker); Dappy (Rapper); Ddark (Rapper); Chris Baxter (Love Island); George Gilbey (Gogglebox and Big Brother); Danny Young (Actor); Jordan Coulson (Actor); Richard Mylan (Actor); Mark Wright (Apprentice Winner); Chris Cowlin (Author); Michael Usher (Football Freestyler) and John Clark (YouTuber).

Oh and me!


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